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Results for tag urban design

[article] Ernst May's African Plans created Aug 12, 2010
[article] Le Corbusier Algiers Plans created Aug 12, 2010
[article] Town Planning Schemes online
The Italian source RAPu
Rete Archivi Piani urbanistici
created Aug 12, 2010
[article] The Biennial of Towns and Towns Planners: Institution and Process created Aug 14, 2010
[article] 01- Inertias created Sep 22, 2010
[article] The quality of form:
themes, tools, experiences
created Sep 29, 2010
[article] Conversations on composition.
Interdisciplinary reflections on
contemporary urban planning projects
created Jan 27, 2012
[article] The CIAM towards Athens: habitable space and functional city created Aug 19, 2010
[article] Beyond the error created Sep 23, 2010
[article] Conversations on composition.
Five seminars held on May
and June 2010: contents and guests
created Mar 2, 2012
[article] Learning by design
in an international Urban planning
and Policy design Master Program
created Oct 12, 2012
[article] Section Case study:
Guides and manuals of 'better practice'
as an aid to planning in England
created Sep 29, 2010
[article] Il progetto RAPu |
Rete Archivi Piani urbanistici:
created Feb 27, 2013
[article] Jan Gehl. Public space public life created Oct 26, 2010
[article] 08- Three words created Sep 22, 2010
[article] 09- Generations created Sep 22, 2010
[article] 10- Projects, visions, scenarios created Sep 22, 2010
[article] A window on: Helsinki created Apr 13, 2011
[article] 11- The form of the city created Sep 22, 2010
Carlo Aymonino, Vittorio Gregotti,
Aldo Rossi, Bernardo Secchi,
Giancarlo De Carlo
created Jul 6, 2017
[article] A window on: Urban Streets created Apr 13, 2011
[article] Venezia: Three Projects for the Heart of the Town - Piazza Ferretto - Torre dell'orologio - via Palazzo created Aug 22, 2010
[article] 5th National Urban Planning Exhibition created Aug 22, 2010
Hanoi 2050, Trilogia di un paesaggio Asiatico created Dec 12, 2014
[article] Getting to the Root of the Crisis of Urbanity.
The Debate on Urban Open Spaces
in the IFHTP Congresses
between the two Wars
created Apr 27, 2012
[article] Towards Solar Urban Planning
in Europe: The project "POLIS"
created Oct 5, 2012
[article] Modern Urban Open Spaces
and Contemporary Regeneration.
The Milan case and the Lombard experience
created Oct 14, 2012
[article] Parallel Session 6: Public culture and urban planning created Aug 19, 2010