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Results for tag urban design

[article] Ernst May's African Plans created Aug 12, 2010
[article] Le Corbusier Algiers Plans created Aug 12, 2010
[article] Town Planning Schemes online
The Italian source RAPu
Rete Archivi Piani urbanistici
created Aug 12, 2010
[article] The Biennial of Towns and Towns Planners: Institution and Process created Aug 14, 2010
[article] Diary 01 | Inertias created Sep 22, 2010
[article] The quality of form:
themes, tools, experiences
created Sep 29, 2010
[article] Conversations on composition.
Interdisciplinary reflections on
contemporary urban planning projects
created Jan 27, 2012
[article] The CIAM towards Athens: habitable space and functional city created Aug 19, 2010
[article] Beyond the error created Sep 23, 2010
[article] Conversations on composition.
Five seminars held on May
and June 2010: contents and guests
created Mar 2, 2012
[article] Learning by design
in an international Urban planning
and Policy design Master Program
created Oct 12, 2012
[article] Section Case study:
Guides and manuals of 'better practice'
as an aid to planning in England
created Sep 29, 2010
[article] Il progetto RAPu |
Rete Archivi Piani urbanistici:
created Feb 27, 2013
[article] Jan Gehl. Public space public life created Oct 26, 2010
[article] Diary 08 | Three words created Sep 22, 2010
[article] Diary 09 | Generations created Sep 22, 2010
[article] Diary 10 | Projects, visions, scenarios created Sep 22, 2010
[article] A window on: Helsinki created Apr 13, 2011
[article] Diary 11 | The form of the city created Sep 22, 2010
[article] A window on: Urban Streets created Apr 13, 2011
[article] Venezia: Three Projects for the Heart of the Town - Piazza Ferretto - Torre dell'orologio - via Palazzo created Aug 22, 2010
[article] 5th National Urban Planning Exhibition created Aug 22, 2010
Carlo Aymonino, Vittorio Gregotti,
Aldo Rossi, Bernardo Secchi,
Giancarlo De Carlo
created Jul 6, 2017
Hanoi 2050, Trilogia di un paesaggio Asiatico created Dec 12, 2014
[article] Getting to the Root of the Crisis of Urbanity.
The Debate on Urban Open Spaces
in the IFHTP Congresses
between the two Wars
created Apr 27, 2012
[article] Towards Solar Urban Planning
in Europe: The project "POLIS"
created Oct 5, 2012
[article] Modern Urban Open Spaces
and Contemporary Regeneration.
The Milan case and the Lombard experience
created Oct 14, 2012
[article] Parallel Session 6: Public culture and urban planning created Aug 19, 2010