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Ernst May's African Plans

Kampala Extension Schemes

THe images of six schematic plans

Kampala Schemes: dertails

Three pans: Wandegaya Development; Nakawa Housing; Nagara Community

African Housing Projects

African Neighbourhood: a plan and two perspective views

African Housing: details

African Housing, family flats, plans, elevations, sections, details


Ernst May : a short chronology

1886 May was born in Frankfurt on Main

1919-25 Slesia Siedlungen projects

1925 Breslavia Masterplan

1925 Town planning councillor in Frankfurt (Frankfurt masterplan, working class districts projects)

1926-1930 Editor of the journal "Das Neu Frankfurt"

1930-1933 Town planner in USSR (new industrial towns projects)

1933-1953 May lived and worked in East Africa

1953 He went back to Germany

1954-1955 Extension of Lubecca (St.Lorenz district)

1955 Extension of Amburgo (New Altona District)

1970 May died in Amburgo