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[article] Town Planning Schemes online
The Italian source RAPu
Rete Archivi Piani urbanistici
created Aug 12, 2010
[article] The Biennial of Towns and Towns Planners: Institution and Process created Aug 14, 2010
[article] IV Biennal - Rotterdam 2001 created Aug 16, 2010
[article] The new and the old charter of Athens created Aug 19, 2010
[article] Transformations around the world created Oct 4, 2010
[article] Governing spatial development: policy design perspectives on urban planning created Oct 5, 2010
[article] Participative Budgeting as a urban culture of dialogue created Nov 4, 2010
[article] Conversations on composition.
Interdisciplinary reflections on
contemporary urban planning projects
created Jan 27, 2012
[article] Biennal Lyon 1995 created Aug 14, 2010
[article] 20th century planning heritage: pretty theories and ugly practices created Sep 23, 2010
[article] The new Master Plan of Ballshi, 2004 - Summary created Sep 27, 2010
[article] Urban Practices, Policy Tools, and the Poverty of Planning Theory created Oct 5, 2010
[article] Conversations on composition.
Five seminars held on May
and June 2010: contents and guests
created Mar 2, 2012
[article] New Italian Perspectives on Urban Planning: A Policy Tool Approach created Oct 5, 2010
[article] Dialoghi della composizione.
Cinque seminari tra maggio
e giugno 2010. Contenuti e ospiti
created Mar 7, 2012
[article] Methods for analyzing policy tools: the case of new planning instruments in the UK created Oct 5, 2010
[article] The concept of non-financial compensation: what is it, which forms can be distinguished and what can it mean in spatial terms? created Oct 5, 2010
[article] Spatial planning policies and conceptions on the European level - influences on national spatial planning systems - Abstract created Sep 27, 2010
[article] A window on: Delhi created Jun 1, 2012
[article] Grosseto: Territorial Plan of Coordination created Aug 22, 2010
[article] Biennal Roma 1997 created Aug 14, 2010
[article] Medium-sized cities fight back to attract new inhabitants and businesses - Abstract created Oct 26, 2010
[article] Biennal Herne 1999 created Aug 14, 2010
[article] The New Charter of Athens 1998. A presentation created Aug 19, 2010
[article] A window on: Moscow created Apr 13, 2011
[article] 5th National Urban Planning Exhibition created Aug 22, 2010
[article] Autobiographic Considerations created Nov 3, 2010
[article] IFHP's 49th Congress International Federation for Housing and Planning created Nov 3, 2010
[article] Global Forces: Novara (Italy) created Aug 16, 2010
[article] Urban quality and town planning A meeting with Marcello Vittorini - Abstract created Nov 4, 2010
[article] Atti della XVII Conferenza Nazionale
SIU - Società Italiana degli Urbanisti
Milano, 15-16 maggio 2014
created Jan 9, 2015
The Routledge Companion
to Planning in the Global South
created Nov 17, 2017
Ideas, Planning, Design
created Oct 6, 2017
[article] Il Piano Strutturale di Anversa.
Un nuovo dispositivo di convivenza
per la città contemporanea.
Intervista a Bernardo Secchi e Paola Viganò
created Nov 18, 2011
[article] 20 | L'insegnamento dell'urbanistica in Italia. Ricucire lo strappo e …andare oltre created Nov 27, 2014
[article] 22 | The Proud City, A Plan for London. Se è mai esistito un Piano d’Autore created Mar 24, 2015
[article] 23 | Città e terre dell'Umbria.
Giovanni Astengo e il linguaggio del cinema: dall'analisi al progetto in un’unica sequenza narrativa
created May 19, 2015
[article] Cultural Identities: Marseilles (France) created Aug 18, 2010
[article] Parallel Session 1: Globalisation around the corner created Aug 19, 2010
[article] Parallel Session 3: Cultural identities created Aug 19, 2010
[article] Parallel Session 6: Public culture and urban planning created Aug 19, 2010