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The new and the old charter of Athens

The Charter of Athens 1933
In architecture the Athens Charter was the result of the 1933 Congrès International d'Architecture Moderne. The proceedings went unpublished until 1942, when Le Corbusier published them in heavily edited form. Both the conference and the resulting document concentrated on "The Functional City". CIAM had been founded in 1928 at a conference of 28 notable architects and planners in Switzerland to advance the cause of functionalism in architecture. The group re-assembled in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the following year to focus on the rational housing work of Ernst May and met in 1930 in Brussels.

The New Charter of Athens 1998
The New Charter of Athens, 1998, was commissioned and drafted between mid-1995 and early 1998 by the national associations and institutes of planners in eleven countries of the European Union united to form the European Council of Town Planners (ETCP).
The New Charter of Athens 1998 is not a bare re-writing of the older document, but it is an ambitious effort to define the complex configuration that city planning is due to assume in the next century. In the next decades town planning will be confronted with challenging processes such as the globalisation of economies, the displacement of activities, the enlargement of the EU. This Charter is confronted with all the nuances of technical and political changes in urban development, which do not easily fit in a few guide-lines.