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Suburban Constellations.
Governance, Land and Infrastructure
in the 21st Century

Roger Keil (Edited by)

Published by JOVIS Publishers, Berlin | Softcover, 16,8 x 24 cm
208 pages, 130 images, 2013 | ISBN 9783868592313

In a world of cities, suburbanization is the most visible and pervasive phenomenon. Global sprawl engulfs us but it does so in remarkably differentiated ways. While the single-family home subdivisions of North America remain the "classical case", there are now many other forms of suburbanism around the globe.
The high rise housing estates around many European and Canadian cities, the belts and wedges of squatter settlements in the global south, the burgeoning megacity peripheries between Istanbul and Shanghai and the technopoles and edge cities in all corners of the world are all part of a pervasive trend towards global suburbanisms. Suburban Constellations provides a first account of this global development.
22 of the most well-known global urban scholars analyze the multiple manifestations of suburbanization and suburbanism. They are joined by artistic and illustrative contributions. Overviews of suburbanization trends in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia complete Suburban Constellations.


Roger Keil
Welcome to the Suburban Revolution
Roger Keil

• Suburbanization in the Twenty-First-Century World
Terry McGee
• Governance and Global Suburbanisms
Pierre Hamel
• How Land Markets Make and Change Suburbs
Richard Harris
• The Infrastructure is the Message: Shaping the Suburban Morphology and Lifestyle
Pierre Filion
• We’re a Long Way from Levittown, Dorothy: Everyday Suburbanism as a Global Way of Life
Lisa Drummond & Danielle Labbé
• Hiking the Mexico Periphery
Feike De Jong

• FlexSpace - Suburban forms
Ute Lehrer
• Suburban Redevelopment: Decline and Renewal in Tornoto`s In-between City
Douglas Young
• Suburban Boundaries: beyond Greenbelts and Edges
Roger Keil & Rob Shields
• Automobiles, Highways, and Suburban Dispersion
Pierre Filion
• Beyond  the Networked City? Suburban Constellations in Water and Sanitarian Systems
Jochen Monstadt & Sophie Schramm
• Suburbs at Risk
Robin Bloch, Nikolaos Papachristodoulou & Donald Brown
• Walking out of Montreal
Roger Keil

• Suburbanization and the Remaking of Metropolitan Canada
Markus Moos & Pablo Mendez
Katerina Cizek
• A City of Rivers and Broken Side Mirrors
Nathan Schalter
• Making Them Talk, Then Act, Together! The Greater Toronto Suburban Working Group
Sean Hertel & Roger Keil
• Khodinskoe Field Development, Moscow
Oginoi Knauss
• Fort McMurray, the Suburb at the End of the Highway
Claire Ntaior
• Walking out ot Tallinn
Roger Keil

• Suburbanisms in Africa?
Alan Mabin
• The American Suburb as Utopian Constellation
Jan Nijman
• Latin America at the Urban Margin: Socio-Spatial Fragmentation and Authoritarian Governance
Dirk Heinrichs & Henning Nuissl
• Global Suburbanism: Navigating by the Constellation of Europe
Nicholas A. Phelps
• On Capital's Edge: Gurgaon, India's Millennial City
Shubhra Gururani
• Chinese Suburban Constellations: The growth Machine, Urbanization, and Middle-Class Dreams
Fulong Wu
• Desire, Dryness, and Decadence: Living Big in Australia's Suburbs
Louise C.Johnson
• Escape from the Burbs?
Roger keil


Roger Keil teaches at the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, §toronto and is the Principal Investigator of Global Suburbanisms. Among the other he is the co-editor of Suburban Governance: A Global View and author of the forth coming Global Suburbs (Polity).