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[article] Examples of the best … in urban areas created Sep 23, 2010
[article] A window on: Antwerp created Apr 13, 2011
[article] A window on: Buenos Aires created Apr 13, 2011
[article] Nomicosecittà
Walking and Looking
at the City with “different eyes”
from Naples to Milan
created Jul 2, 2012
[article] A window on: Delhi created Jun 1, 2012
[article] A window on: Helsinki created Apr 13, 2011
[article] Urban Dynamics - Historical Values created Oct 26, 2010
[article] A window on: Moscow created Apr 13, 2011
[article] A window on: Tel-Aviv created Apr 13, 2011
[article] A window on: Calcutta created Jun 22, 2012
[article] Uruguay dentro del continuum urbano de la sub-region Plata-Mercosur created Nov 3, 2010
[article] Contemporary Architecture in different areas of the Arab world: Redefining identity through a new built environment - Abstract created Nov 4, 2010
[article] Antiurbanesimo contemporaneo
created May 2, 2013
[article] Contemporary Anti-Urbanism created May 2, 2013
[article] Atti della XVII Conferenza Nazionale
SIU - Società Italiana degli Urbanisti
Milano, 15-16 maggio 2014
created Jan 9, 2015
[article] Atelier 8 |
Concetti nomadi e trasmigranti
in urbanistica
created Jan 15, 2015
[article] Atelier 10 |
Mobilità e Mutazione di Idee e Politiche in una Prospettiva Trans-nazionale
created Jan 15, 2015
[article] Mapping communities and social problems
in Jerusalem.
Demografic trends, neighbourhood identities
and clashing narratives
created Oct 28, 2011
Una crisi di civiltà
created Oct 3, 2017
[article] Anticorpi
per una qualità architettonica diffusa
created Feb 3, 2012
[article] Cultural Identities: Almere (The Netherlands) created Aug 17, 2010
[article] Cultural Identities: Enschede (The Netherlands) created Aug 18, 2010
[article] Cultural Identities: Wolfsburg (Germany) created Aug 18, 2010
[article] Parallel Session 2: Cultural heritage - development and protection created Aug 19, 2010
[article] Parallel Session 3: Cultural identities created Aug 19, 2010
[article] Parallel Session 5: Project development and culture created Aug 19, 2010