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Results for tag urban projects

[article] IV Biennal - Rotterdam 2001 created Aug 16, 2010
[article] Biblioteca pública - Virgilio Barco created Nov 4, 2010
[article] Biblioteca pública - El Tintal created Nov 4, 2010
[article] Section Results:
Nantes, 'a pleasant town to live in'*
created Sep 29, 2010
[article] Biblioteca pública - El Tunal created Nov 4, 2010
[article] Global Forces: Rotterdam Centraal (The netherlands) created Aug 16, 2010
[article] Global Forces: Valencia (Spain) created Aug 16, 2010
[article] Barcelona’s next post-Olympic urban challenge: The Universal Forum of Cultures 2004 - Abstract created Nov 4, 2010
[article] Cultural Heritage: Apeldoorn (The Netherlands) created Aug 16, 2010
[article] Atelier 11 |
Progettare Green Cities.
Una Prospettiva Europea
created Jan 15, 2015
Carlo Aymonino, Vittorio Gregotti,
Aldo Rossi, Bernardo Secchi,
Giancarlo De Carlo
created Jul 6, 2017
[article] Anticorpi
per una qualità architettonica diffusa
created Feb 3, 2012
[article] Towards Solar Urban Planning
in Europe: The project "POLIS"
created Oct 5, 2012
[article] The University as a factor
of urban re-composition
created Oct 12, 2012
[article] 22 | The Proud City, A Plan for London. Se è mai esistito un Piano d’Autore created Mar 24, 2015
[article] Cultural Identities: Almere (The Netherlands) created Aug 17, 2010
[article] Street Life: Turin (Italy) created Aug 19, 2010
Guide lines for a Urban happiness Handbook
created Mar 19, 2015