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Urbanistica Cover n.131/2006

Town planning and upland areas

regional planning, paesaggio, landscape, toscana,
pianificazione regionale, plans & policies

Mariella Zoppi

Protecting the landscape is an arduous task. A balance must be sought in the dynamics between its evolution and the conservation of its historic and aesthetic traits. Seeking this equilibrium is essential for Tuscany – the areas to be protected are many and the environmental and historic and aesthetic values are still very much to the fore – but there is also a need to review the many areas compromised by excessive and incoherent urban development. This is particularly evident in hilly areas where the region’s morphology is even more fragile and prestigious and which evoke everyone’s image of the Tuscan landscape. The issue is being taken seriously by several Coordination provincial plans of Tuscany. But what is still lacking are the operative indications for actually implementing rules and tools.

This article appears in issue 131 of Urbanistica (pag. 114).