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The Urban and Regional Planning Reader

edited by Eugenie L. Birch

Published by Routledge, 2008 | ISBN 978-0-415-319

The Urban and Regional Planning Reader draws together the best of classic and contemporary writings in the planning of cities and metropolitan areas. Forty-seven generous selections include contributions from Lewis Mumford, Jane Jacobs, Ian McHarg, Paul Davidoff, Charles Harr, Susan Fainstein and Charles J. Hoch through to Timothy Beatley; Jonathan Barnett, Alex Garvin, Tom Daniels, Andres Duany and Barbara Faga. The variety and wide selection of readings offers one of the most innovative amalgamations of planning research and practice.
The Reader lays out the context, range of concerns, history, methods and key topics for 21st century urban and regional planning. Sections on the world of planning, history and theory, classic readings, practice and current issues include writings with a focus on the distribution of space and place, essays on housing, transportation design, environment, community development, the effects of cultural diversity and information technology on land use and other topics. It displays the techniques used to direct and control growth, including zoning, master planning, public budgeting and citizen participation. It explores different types of plans distinguished by their scale and reference type. It references analytical and presentation techniques and outlines ethical issues confronting planners.
This Urban and Regional Planning Reader provides an essential resource, for students of planning, drawing together important but widely dispersed writings and the associated bibliography is a resource which enables deeper investigations. The synthesis is also valuable for lecturers and researches in the area and the pertinent editorial commentaries preceding each entry not only demonstrate its significance, but also outline the issue surrounding the topic.


List of plates 
List of contributors

by Eugénie Birch 

Part 1. The world of Urban and Regional Planning 
1. "The State of the World’s Cities"
Jay H. Moor and Rasna Warah 

2. "Megaforces Shaping the Future of the Nation’s Cities"
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 
3. "Planning, Urban Revitalization and Inner City: An Exploration of Structural Racism"
Catherine L. Ross and Nancey Green Leigh 
4. "Pluralistic Planning for Multicultural Cities" 
Mohammad A. Qadeer 

5. "Suburbia: Homeland of the American Future" 
Joel Kotkin 
6. "The New Suburban Typology" 
Myron Orfield 

Part 2. History and Theory of Urban and Regional Planning 
7. "Modernism and Early Urban Planning" 
Richard T. Legates and Frederic Stout 
8. "Reflections and Research on the U.S. Experience" 
Michael B. Teitz 
9. "Practitioners and the Art of Planning" 
Eugénie L. Birch 
10. "The Shapes of Suburbia" 
Dolores Hayden 
11. "Ramapo at Thirty, The Changing Role of the Plan in Land Use Regulation" 
Edward J. Sullivan and Matthew J. Michel 
12. "Anglo-American Town Planning Theory Since 1945: Three Significant Developments But No Paradigm Shifts" 
Nigel Taylor 
13. "New Directions in Planning Theory" 
Susan Fainstein 

Part 3. Classics in Urban and Regional Planning 
14. "Dimensions of Performance"
Kevin Lynch 
15. "Downtown is for People"
Jane Jacobs 
16. "Home Remedies for Urban Cancer"
Lewis Mumford 
17. "The Master Plan, An Impermanent Constitution"
Charles Haar 
18. "Advocacy and Pluralism in Planning"
Paul Davidoff 
19. "The Metropolitan Region"
Ian McHarg 
20. "Paying for the Plan"

Robert D. Yaro and Tony Hiss 

Part 4. The Plan: its Origins and Contemporary Uses 
21. "Twentieth Century Land Use Planning, A Stalwart Family Tree"
Edward J. Kaiser and David R. Godschalk 
22. "Regionalism"
Oliver Gillham 
23. "Does Planning Need the Plan?"
Michael Neuman 
24. "How Plans Work"
Lewis D. Hopkins 
25. "The Land Planning Arena"
Edward J.Kaiser, David R.Godschalk and F.Stuart Chapin 
26. "Shaping Cities Through Development Regulations"
Jonathan Barnett 

Part 5. Planning Practice and Methods 
27. "Introduction: Planning for People and Places"
Charles J. Hoch, Linda C. Dalton and Frank S. So
28. "Planning Environments"
Frank S. So and Judith Getzels 
29. "A Realistic Approach to City and Suburban Planning…Ingredients of Success"
Alexander Garvin 
30. "Demographic Futures as a Guide to Planning California Latinos and the Compact City"
Dowell Myers 
31. "Geographic Information Systems"
Ann-Margaret Esnard, Nancy Sappington and Milton R.Ospina
32. "The Future of Public Participation"
Barbara Faga 
33. "Introduction"
Carol D. Barrett 

Part 6. Key Topics in Urban and Regional Planning 
34. "Implementing the Solutions, Measures for Achieving Intermodal Balance"
Vukan Uchic 
35. "Hopeful Signs Urban Revitalization in the 21st Century"
Eugénie L. Birch 
36. "Sprawl and the Tyranny of Easy Development Decisions"
William H. Lucy and David L. Phillips 
37. "How To Make a Town"
Andrés Duany, Elizabeth Planter-Zyberk and Jeff Speck 
38. "Environmental Planning"
Thomas L. Daniels and Katherine Daniels 
39. "Planning Metropolitan Regions"

Gary Hack 

Part 7. Emerging Issues in Urban and Regional Planning 
40. "The Promise of Urban Growth"
United Nations Population Fund 
41. "Land Use and Urban Form: Planning Compact Cities"
Timothy Beatley 
42. "Cities Under Siege, Urban Planning and the Threat of Infectious Diseases"
Richard A. Matthew and Bryan McDonald 
43. "22@Barcelona: A New District for the Creative Economy"
Miquel Barcelo 
44. "The Changing Politics of Urban Mega- Projects"
Alan Altschuler and David Luberoff 
45. "Beyond Megalopolis: Exploring America’s New ‘Megapolitan’ Geography"
Robert Lang and Dawn Dhavale 
46. "The spatial organization of cities: Deliberate outcome or unforeseen consequence?"

Alain Bertaud 


Eugenie L Birch, FAICP, Lawrence C. Nussdorf Professor of Urban Resaerch and Education, Department of City and Regional Planning, School of Design, University of Pennsylvania.