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Issue 28, 1984

from Spazio e Società

Spazio e Società

In this issue:
  1. Leading article

    [ita] Editoriale

    by Giancarlo De Carlo

  2. China Diary. Tien An Men Square and the imperial city

    [ita] China Diary. Piazza tien An Men e la città imperiale

    by David Hockney

  3. Constructing authority: the governor's house, Hong Kong

    [ita] Costruire l'autorità: la casa del governatore, Hong Kong

    by Chris Fawcett

  4. Frei Otto. Continuity and evolution

    [ita] Frei Otto. Continuità ed evoluzione

    by Antonio Petrilli

  5. The crystal beetle

    [ita] Lo scarabeo di cristallo

    by Arup Associates

  6. Ontario Pavilion, Expo '86. Zeidler Roberts Partnership

    [ita] Padiglione dell'Ontario, Expo '86. Zeidler Roberts Partnership

    by Ederhard H. Zeidler

  7. Bhopal

    [ita] Bhopal

    by Senza autore

  8. The garden of Eden, lower east side, Manhattan

    [ita] The garden of Eden, lower east side, manhattan

    by Storefront for art and architecture

  9. Germany: travel notes

    [ita] Germania: appunti di viaggio

    by Antonio Petrilli

  10. On new music

    [ita] Sulla nuova musica

    by Pierre Boulez

  11. Working hard at looking good

    [ita] Stilisti e stile

    by Paul Harries

  12. Where does Lewerentz come in?

    [ita] Ma Lewerentz che c'entra?

    by Luciano Rubino