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Delivering new homes: Processes, Planners and Providers

Matthew Carmona, Sarah Carmona, Nick Gallen

Published by Routledge, 2003 | ISBN 0415279259

This book examines the processes and relationships that underpin the delivery of new homes across the United Kingdom. Its focus, however, is primarily on the land use planning system in England, the way that housing providers engage with that system, and how the processes of engagement are changing or might change in the future.

Together Parts 1 and 2 of the book provide a comprehensive analysis of the housing/planning interface, and many of the key debates facing practitioners and policy-makers at the start of the 21st Century.

Chapters in Part 3 are illustrated by extensive case study material and consider approaches based on developing more streamlined, inclusive, integrated and realistic, certain and transparent and positive and proactive approaches to planning. The final chapter aims to think 'outside of the box' of prevailing policy and practice, to reflect on what the key features of a more responsive planning process might be.

In proposing often evolutionary, and sometimes radical proposals for change, this book makes a contribution to finding a better way of delivering the new homes that the nation increasingly needs.

About the Authors
Matthew Carmona is a reader in planning and urban design at the Barlett School of Planning, University College London. He is the author of Housing Design Quality, published by Routledge.

Sarah Carmona is a chartered architect and urban designer, and has worled as a research fellow and part-time lecturer at the Bartlett, University College London and the University of Westminister.

Dr. Nick Gallent is a Senior Lecturer in town planning at University College London. He is the author and editor of two previous books with Routledge: Rural Second Homes in Europe (with Mark Tewdwr-Jones) and Housing in The European Countryside (with Mark Shucksmith and Mark Tewdwr-Jones).