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Urbanistica Cover n.136/2008

Town planning in the new Berlin

berlin, urban planning, città, pianificazione urbana,
sviluppo, city, development, berlino, history

Harald Bodenschatz

It is described town planning in Berlin, which may be subdivided into three phases. The first one (1990-1995), after the collapse of the wall, was one of great elation, of great projects and great speculation, especially in the city centre and for office blocks, but it was also a phase of great uncertainty about how to plan the ‘new Berlin’. The second one (1995-1999) was rather that of disillusionment: after the big projects came the plans and, at least on paper, the emphasis was on producing houses, also to limit the migration of high-income families to the suburban areas. The third phase (1997-2007), lastly, is characterized by some degree of stagnation, in the centre and in the suburban territories, as all over Germany.

This article appears in issue 136 of Urbanistica (pag. 72).