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Urbanistica Cover 129

Changes undergone by the legal framework of town planning schemes and the evolution of the discipline of town planning. Part II

town planning, master plan, legislazione, law,
piano regolatore, pianificazione urbana, archivio,
archive, history

Chiara Mazzoleni

The various kinds of municipal town planning schemes produced in Italy over one hundred years are documented in the Archivio dei piani regolatori generali administered by the office of the Director general of regional planning development (Dicoter) at the Ministry of public works (now the Ministry of infrastructure and transport). The research project that led to the establishment of this important archive has made it possible to reconstruct the evolution and development both of the discipline of town planning and of the legal and procedural provisions by means of which the central administration endeavoured to control planning actions.

This article appears in issue 129 of Urbanistica (pag. 95).