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Planum Events 02.2013 </br> International Conference </br> New Urban Languages: Re-Imaging the City after the Knowledge-Based Turn

19 June 2013 – 21 June 2013

International Conference
New Urban Languages: Re-Imaging the City
after the Knowledge-Based Turn

Milan, Italy
DEADLINE | 16.03.2013
Politecnico di Milano
School of Architecture
DAStU | Department of Architecture and Urban Studies

This conference aims at exploring the multiple, innovative ways which are and can be used to describe and analyze contemporary cities, with peculiar attention granted to the role of new media (web 3.0, geo-social networks, etc…). These virtual environments, in fact, generate collective, self-organized and informal sources of knowledge, which cover international urban networks and highly impact on our understanding of urban spatiality in the 21st century. The different languages used to describe cities have become, in this perspective, interpretive instruments, meta-projectual tools and, at the same time, vehicles to share images of urban landscapes. 
The main questions we would like to consider in this international conference are: How can we give visibility to the new forms of interactions between citizens and urban spaces? How do we interpret the extensive quantity of random data coming from the virtual traces we leave on a daily basis through cities? How can we create a dialogue between opposed physical and geographical identities belonging to the same metropolitan region? 
This event will allow us to show samples of how the major contemporary cities are studied, analyzed and represented, through a highly interdisciplinary perspective, fostering the dialogue between geography, architecture, spatial semiotics and urban studies. 

1. Representation and Perceptions of the Changing City
Rethinking the relationship between perception and representation can mean re-examine the fundamentals that bind urban landscapes with the universe of images created to interpret, understand, communicate cities.
2. Visualizing the Past, Imagining the Future 
Try to interpret the urban phenomenon means, first of all, facing with the times of the past and projections of the future.
3. ICT: Sharing Visions of the City 
This theme explores the relationship and role that digital media can have in the representation and experience of urban spaces and places. 
4. New Urban Metaphors
As pointed out by some of the most interesting contemporary studies define urban complexity and make it visible and clear means trying new epistemological strategies.  

Authors are invited to send their applications to: 

4.03.2013 |
Abstract Submission
4.04.2013 |
Notification of acceptance
4.04.2013 |
Registration Open
4.05.2013 |
Registration Closed
4.05.2013 |
Full Paper submission
5.06.2013 |
Submission of revised versions of accepted papers

• Matteo Bolocan Goldstein | Politecnico di Milano 
• Bertrando Bonfantini | Politecnico di Milano 
• Malvina Borgherini | Università IUAV di Venezia 
• Antonella Contin | Politecnico di Milano
• Andrea Giordano | Università di Padova
• Sofia Morgado | Universidade Técnica de Lisboa 
• Paola Pucci | Politecnico di Milano 
• Rossella Salerno | Politecnico di Milano 
• Daniele Villa | Politecnico di Milano 
• Kathrin Willis | Plymouth Univerity 

Franck Ekardt | Bauhaus University, Weimar
Ola Söderström | Université de Neuchâtel 
Francesca Governa | Politecnico di Torino 
Livio Sacchi | Università di Pescara

Conference Website
TEL |  +39 02 2399 9389


Event schedule:

  • Start: 06-19-2013
  • End: 06-21-2013.