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Il tessuto urbano </br> M. Scianna, A window on Bagheria, Figure 1

A window on: Bagheria

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"An unprecendented enrichment of the city. That would be the way. I will summarize what the Urban Italia Programme - “Restart from the Villas” meant for our city.
We battle constantly and everyday against the idea that my city, our city Bagheria is associated only with the idea of Mafia. We do not want to hide the past, but at the same time we are obligated to make note of all the good that this community has realised.
Today Bagheria is a city that has succeeded in constructing and achieving results in isolating the Mafia and guaranteeing its citizens an efficient and legitimate administration and civic life. 
The Urban programme has contributed significantly to this effort. Not only with that which is visible to the eyes of everyone, like the renovated piazzas, streets and historic palaces, but also the joyful, recreation and cultural activities that were sustained by the programme, and which offered our citizens opportunities of participation and exchange, that which is considered Governance"
by Biagio Sortino, Major of Bagheria

(ENG) Mafia and urban policies: the strategies of Trust *, by Marco Cremaschi
(ENG) The Urban-Italia programme in Bagheria *, by Daniela De Leo
(ITA - ENG) Bonds of trust. The experience of Urban Italia - Bagheria *
Trame di fiducia. Un resoconto di Urban Italia - Bagheria * 

* Gli articoli contrassegnati con il simbolo (*) sono stati pubblicati anche su "Urbanistica Informazioni" n.130/2006.


Bagheria dall'alto e verso il mare </br> M.Scianna, A window on Bagheria, Figure 2 Bagheria da lontano </br> Scianna M., A window on Bagheria, Figure 3