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Shifting sense
Looking back to the future in spatial planning

edited by Edward D. Hulsbergen, Ina T. Klaasen, Iwan Kriens

Published by Techne Press, 2005 | ISBN 978 90 859 40

The contents and approaches of Spatial Planning have changed drastically in the last three decades. Shifting Sense , Looking Back to the future in Spatial Planning describes these dynamics and identifies important themes for the future. The book consists of four Parts. The character of the first and second Part of the book is mainly retrospective, respectively considering the effetcts of spatial changes on developments in society. The third and fourth Parts deal with two themes that are most relevant as points of departure for the future: networks and strategies: networks and strategies. Strategies comprise attention to sustainable transformation of urbanised areas, including aspects of economic developments at European and global scale.

The history of spatial planning may show various focal shifts, lasting is the attention for the connection between societal and spatial aspects, for the actual and potential role of urban planning and design, for policies, actors and instruments, and for methodological issues. The shifts concern the subject of interest and the approaches.

In Shifting Sense thirty contributors from different universities ( Barcelona, Delft, Gent, Liverpool, Paris, San Antonio and Utrecht) and practices (public and private) offer their expertise and views. The initiators belong to the Chair of Spatial Planning in Delft University of Thechnology. The monumentum of the book is the retirement of Paul Drewe, Chair holder for more than thirty years, whose work seems metaphoric for the development of the discipline. The other twenty lasting relation to Delft Spatial Planning. They enthusiastically did so with their valued expertise, competence, interests and challenging views.




• Preface

• Introducing Shifting Sense

• Spatial Planning at Deft University of Technology - A Historic Overview
Jan den Draak and Edward Hulsbergen

1. Societal Changes and their Effects on the Use of Space

Introduction to Part 1
• The Mobility of Older People and Urban Planning
Mart Tacken
• Vulnerability and Deprivation 
Edward Hulsbergen
• The Randstad: its Position and Environment
Herman Rosenbloom
• Streaming Spatial Planning: Technological Changes and their Impact on Space
Luuk Boelens
• The Impact of Spatial Logistics in the Cross- border Spatial Corridor of Flushing- Terneuzen- Gent
Georges R.G. Allaert
• Mixed Scanning and other Issues related to Development Planning in the Netherlands
Jan Goedman
• Cummings plans qualities

2. Spatial Developments and their Social Effects

Introduction to Part 2
• Urban and Regional Regeneration: Principles, Practice and Lessons from Experience in the United Kingdom
Peter Roberts
• Networks and Urban Planning: The Evolution of a Two-way Relationship
Gabriel Dupuy

Does Space Matter?
• Spatial and Socio-economic Segregation in the Oude Noorden District of Rotterdam
Paul Stouten
• Reason, Capital and Urban Development
Roberto Rocco

Spatial Developments in the Netherlands, 1975- 2005
• Scale Increase, More Actors, More Disciplines
Joost Schrijnen
• Take Break
Iwan Kriens

Part 3 Networks

Introduction to Part 3
• The Urbanism of Network
Remon Rooij
• Layers, Patterns and Networks in the Landscape
Riet Moens- Gigengack

Putting Time into the Picture
• The Relation between Space and Time in Urban Design and Planning
Ina Klaasen
• Time in Urban Planning and Design in the ICT Age
Paul Drewe
• ICT Infrastructures Network as Supports for New Urban Processes
Ana Maria Fernandez- Maldonado
• Metamobility: in Search of Connections within the Networks of Mobility
Ernesto Philibert Petit
• Small but Vital: The Influence of Small-Scale Mobility on Sustainable Urban Function
Remon Rooij

Integrating the Social and Spatial Aspects of the Urban System
• Comparing the Models of Heeling, Dupuy, Castells and Lefebvre
Jeroen van Schaick

Towards a New Urban Philosophy
• The case of Athens
Nikos A. Salingaros

Finding a New Meaning for Public Spaces in Postmodernity
• The Raval District in Barcelona
Francesc Magrinyà
• Disciplinary Language Barriers
Iwan Kriens

Part 4 Strategies

Introduction to Part 4
• Towards Strategic Spatial Planning in Europe
Jan Vogelij
• The Spatial Planner's Changing Role
Hide Blank and Iwan Kriens
• Municipal Planning and Implementation Strategies
Jan Bredenoord
• Neighborhood initiatives: Time for Bottom- Up
Robin Houterman and Edward Hulsbergen

Urban Mobility
• Towards the Conditions for the Planning and Design of the Mobile City
Remon Rooij
• Carring Structures: Urban Development Guided by Water and Traffic Networks
Sybrand Tjallingii
• Building a Multinodal Metropolis: A Short Guide
Marc Jacobs
• Olympic Thoughts in Urbanism: The New Charter of Athens
Rypke Sierksma

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