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Learn move playground
How to improve playgrounds
through participation

Vittoria Capresi, Barbara Pampe (Edited by)

Published by JOVIS, Berlin | Flexcover 16,5 x 24 cm
144 Pages with approx. 50 col. Images, 2013 | ISBN 9783868592245

Everything started with the design-build studio “Learn-Move-Play-Ground. Improving courtyards of public primary schools in Cairo”, which took place in autumn 2012. During the twelve intense days of the studio, eleven students from Germany and twenty-five from Egypt worked together with a team of professors and experts from different fields to realise through participation with the children and teachers a new playing landscape in the courtyards of two public primary schools.

"This book wants to illustrate the process and the implemented design in detail. The goal is to offer ideas and hints of possible solutions, which could be developed for further projects and design-build studios. The furniture and landscapes we have realised are simple, low-cost, and built with uncomplicated techniques. Nevertheless, they have the power to be flexible and adaptable because their functions and meanings are open to different uses and can be readapted in line with the imagination and dreams of the children".



Preface: small scale, big change
Andres Lepik
Introduction: traslation underwater worlds into bricks
Vittoria Capresi, Barbara Pampe

Warming up
• Learn = Move + Play. Pedagogical aspects of playing and the importance of playgrounds
Karl-Heinz Imhäuser
• Design (f)or play? Creating landscapes to play
Renet Korthals Altes
Where to move and play? Playgrounds in schools
Barbara Pampe
• Form follows kids’ fiction methods of participation: working with children
Susanne Hoffmann
• A design-build studio some hints for getting started
Vittoria Capresi
• Greening schoolyards planting salad and trees
Moritz Bellers

Tell me your dream!
• children’s collages + stories

Let’s build and play
• jumping / climbing 
• hiding / gathering
• sitting / chatting
• dangling / balancing

 ard el lewa / shubra
• facts and figures
• authors / acknowledgements
• selected links / colophon

Moritz Bellers is a Landscape Architect Teaching and Research Assistant at the Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology, University of Stuttgart.
Vittoria Capresi is an Architect and Professor of History of Architecture at German University of Cairo and co-founder of baladilab.
Susanne Hofmann is an Architect and Professor of Participatory Design and Construction at Technical University of Berlin and Director of Susanne Hofmann Architekten & die Baupiloten.
Karl-Heinz Imhäuser is an Educationalist CEO Montag Stiftung "Jugend und Gesellschaft".
Renet Korthals Altes is an Architect & Educator Freelance playground designer currently based in Egypt.
Barbara Pampe is an Architect and Professor of Architectural Design at German University of Cairo and co-founder of baladilab.