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Growing up in an Urbanising World

Louise Chawla

Published by UNESCO Publishing / Earthscan, 2002

"Growing up in cities" was first conceived and initiated by Kevin Lynch, he is the inspiration behind the present version of this project.
Today more than half of all children in industrialised countries live in urban areas, and the same will be true in the developing world in the near future. Yet, by almost all indicators, cities are failing to meet the needs of young people, prejudicing their chances as adults.
The programme explores young people's relationship with neighborhoods in the industrialized and developing worlds, giving a new emphasis on their active participation in the planning, design and implementation of urban improvements.
The book summarizes the results of "Growing up in Cities", an eight-country UNESCO Project (Most Programme), including Australia, Argentina, India, Norway, Poland, South Africa, United Kingdom and USA.
The book includes case studies and recommends policies and practices that will make cities more responsive to the needs of children, adolescents and their families. It is written by an interdisciplinary team of child-environment experts from the fields of urban planning, architecture, geography, anthropology, psychology and environmental education.


Foreword by Pierre Sané, p. 9
Introductory Note by Nadia Auriat, p. 11

CHAPTER ONE: Introduction
Cities for Human Development by Louise Chawla, p. 15

CHAPTER TWO: Argentina
Our Neighbourhood is Like That! by Nilda Cosco and Robin Moore, p. 35

CHAPTER THREE: United Kingdom
Contested Worlds by Barry Percy-Smith, p. 57

Australian Youth by Karen Malone and Lindsay Hasluck, p. 81

CHAPTER FIVE: South Africa
Children in a South African Squatter Camp Gain and Lose a Voice by Jill Swart-Kruger, p. 111

Tales from Truth Town by Kanchan Bannerjee and David Driskell, p. 135

Large but Not Unlimited Freedom in a Nordic City by Hanne Wilhjelm, p. 161

CHAPTER EIGHT: United States
Between Fences by Ilaria Salvadori, p. 183

Adapting During a Time of Great Change by Piotr-Olaf Zylicz, p. 201

CHAPTER TEN: Conclusion
Toward Better Cities for Children and Youth by Louise Chawla, p. 219

Research Guidelines, p. 243

Authors, p. 249

Index, p. 251