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City of Permanent Temporality. ZUS, nai010, 2019 © Cover

City of Permanent Temporality
Incomplete & Unfinished

ZUS | Elma van Boxel & Kristian Koreman

Published by nai010 publishers | English | 448 pages | illustrated (400 color and b/w) | ISBN 978-94-6208-220-5 | with support from: Creative Industries Fund NL, 2019

From a period of severe crisis and extreme megalomania, a unique piece of city has emerged in Rotterdam. Using unconventional strategies and radical forms of city-making, ZUS has forged new links between architecture, economy, politics, and public space.
City of Permanent Temporality is a journal, project exhibit and a theory for a city that is in continuous transformation, where bricks & mortar and people continue to adapt, without ever being complete. The withdrawal of governments and turbulent market forces calls for new methods of planning and design.
City of Permanent Temporality sees ZUS, known for their award-winning Luchtsingel and the Schieblock, open the book on 18 years of urban activism.



by Michael Speaks 

> Thinking On Your Feet | p. 12 

1 PAPER | p. 18
Journals 2000–2008
Projects #01-09
• Resistance is Futile | p. 106
by Michelle Provoost and Wouter Vanstiphout Crimson
Architectural Historians
> We Value Devaluation | p. 114

2 ACTION | p. 120
Journals 2009–2015
Projects #10-52
• Dancing with second-order effects | p.302
by Rory Hyde | V&A, London
> Permanent Temporality | p. 306

3 FALL | p. 316
Journals 2009–2015
Projects #10-52
• The Aesthetics of a Transformation | p. 352
by René Boer and Mark Minkjan | Failed Architecture
> Who will buy the City | p. 362

Journals 2018–2036
Projects #62-67
> Incomplete & Unfinished | p. 414 


Project credits | p.422
Crowdfunders | p.430
About the authors p.438
Colophon | p.440

Elma van Boxel
and Kristian Koreman are the founding partners of ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]. Since starting in 2001, ZUS practices architecture, urban planning, and landscape design, pushing the boundaries between these different domains. Van Boxel studied Landscape Architecture at Larenstein University, Architecture at Greenwich University, and Architecture and Urbanism at the Academy for Architecture in Rotterdam. Kristian Koreman studied Landscape Architecture at Larenstein University and Philosophy at the Erasmus University. Van Boxel and Koreman lead ZUS and regularly teach and lecture at universities worldwide. In 2012 they curated for the International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam and were the first lab team members for the BMW Guggenheim Lab, New York. They are Visiting Professors at the Syracuse University School of Architecture, New York.

City of Permanent Temporality. ZUS, nai010, 2019 | Luchtsingel © Ossip_van_Duivenbode City of Permanent Temporality. ZUS, nai010, 2019 © S1 City of Permanent Temporality. ZUS, nai010, 2019 © S2 City of Permanent Temporality. ZUS, nai010, 2019 © S3 City of Permanent Temporality. ZUS, nai010, 2019 © S4 City of Permanent Temporality. ZUS, nai010, 2019 © S5