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Urbanistica Cover n.134/2007

The territorial responsibilities of Italian multiservice public utilities

ferrara, amministrazione locale, servizi pubblici,
terni, local administration, public utility service,
education & research

Luca Fondacci

Since march 29th 1903, when national law n.103, 'Giolitti's law', instigated the activity of public service firms, the role of multiservice public utilities (Mpus) has been strenghtened and consolidated, with them now managing more than 90% of the distribution and custemer sales of the italian energy supply. As a result of this, these Mpus assume responsibility for technological innovation in energy and energy products, as well as responsibility for the clarity of relationship with territories, and for the development of an integration between energy, territories and public services.

This article appears in issue 134 of Urbanistica (pag. 126).