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Urbanistica Cover n.131/2006

The maritime transport situation

urban planning, pianificazione urbana, transport,
port, pianificazione portuale, porti, portual planning,
trasporto marino, plans & policies

In recent years, Italian ports have recorded a noticeable phase of growth. Analysing traffic in the major Italian ports from 1996–2000, the Censis has revealed very positive growth, reporting on three main typologies of traffic (general cargo, container and passenger). In coming years, this accelerated process of growth will create a dramatic increase on the demands of transport (goods and passengers) for the entire global port system, but in particular for the cluster of ports found in the Mediterranean. In Italian ports, which are already at saturation point, such processes will amplify the split between actual capacity and predicted demand, caused by the substantial absence of relief projects and the length of time predicted for the implementation of projects.

This article appears in issue 131 of Urbanistica (pag. 9).