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Urbanistica Cover 132

Structural works, multifunctional and self-supporting ability of agricultural firms in the urban context

periphery, periferia, campania, campagna,
aree periurbane, urban countryside, periurban 
agricultural land, projects

Ferdinando Gandolfi

With the Dgr 3909 of 31/12//03, the Campania Region set up a self-supporting management model, experimented in areas that could be defined as rural in the traditional sense but applicable to agricultural firms in the urban context. This model aims at: bringing these firms in direct contact with consumers, engendering a climate of trust; establishing rules and monitoring their observance; highlighting and giving added value to the commitment of those who work at the various levels to obtain high quality products; giving added value to the resources: tradition and culture, expressed by agricultural firms in the various contexts of the regional economy.

This article appears in issue 132 of Urbanistica (pag. 47).