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Issue of governance 1

6 June 2016

UPDP PhD Program
Issues of Governance in the Global South | by A. Fadaei and L. Giraldo

Milan, Italy
6 June 2016 

DAStU | Politecnico di Milano

• Columbia University
• University of Applied Science
• University of Pennsylvania

 This seminar will explore the issue of governance in fast urbanizing context of the global south. It scutinizes the complex relationship between the notions and conditions that are often perceived in binary relations; rural and urban, formal and informal, planned and spontaneous. Based on academic and professional experiences of prominentscholars from different countries, the seminar seek to shed light on the issues and concerns that urban dwellers, planners and policy makers face in the contemporary developing world, inspiring lessons for the global north. It is imperative to seize this opportunity for whoever is interested in less-discussed issues of governance in the global south cities and rural areas, where the majority of the world's population is dwelling.

MONDAY 6 JUNE 2016 | Spazio Aperto, Nave building – Politecnico di Milano
10:00 - 16:00 |

• 10:00 | Introduction; Liliana Giraldo and Arman Fadaei, 
Politecnico di Milano
Challenges ahead in governing the Global South Cities; why issues of governance in Global South are crucial for both South and North cities.
• 10:15 | Clara Irazabal, Columbia University, GSAPP
Planning Latin American cities 2030: Present challenges, Future possibilities.
• 11:00 | Martin Hoeslscher, University of Applied Science, Ostwestfalen-Lippe
Unplanned urban landscapes in Latin America; What is to be Learnt for Global North.
Coffee Break 
• 12:00 | David Gouvernuer,
University of Pennsylvania
Planning and designing for future informal settlements; Shaping the self-constructed city.
• 12:40 | Question, Comments, Debate
Luch & Refreshment (provided)
• 14:00 | Mario Tancredi,
Politecnico di Milano, DASTU
The city and territory, the current challenges that derive from marginality and contradictions regarding the design and use of public spaces and common goods.
• 14:45 | Liliana Giraldo, Politecnico di Milano, Universidad de La Salles
The inequitable distribution of the economic resources coming from the extensive explotation of nature and the Urban Oriented Planning Policies in Colombia, the case of Casanare.
• 15:00 | Arman Fadaei, Politecnico di Milano
The emergence and permanence of informal settlements through Agency of Urban Planning, the case of Iran, Tehran.
• 15:15 | Keynote speech and conclution;
Stefano Moroni, 
Politecnico di Milano, DASTU
The formal-informal nexus and the emergence of unauthorized settlements in Global South.
• 15:30 | Free discussion

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Organization and Information:
• Lilian Giraldo Arias 

Event schedule:

  • Start: 06-06-2016
  • End: 06-06-2016.
Issue of governance 2