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27 August 2008 – 29 August 2008

Public Participation and Corporate Social Responsibility: from why to how

[i]International Conference - IAP2[/i] 27th - 29th August 2008 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK The need to bring the public into the strategic development plans of major organisations is becoming more of a political necessity with every passing day. For the first time ever, the business and service sectors are bound by both legal and informal protocols of public participation. There are many commercial, municipal and voluntary sector organisations that need to bring public participation into the heart of their practice. From anecdotal evidence, few would seem to be skilled at promoting that process with any degree of success. This conference, and the training festival associated with it, are designed to address any skill or knowledge gap that may exist. This conference will attract internationally renowned speakers, those with citizen engagement experience and those people who are spearheading research, policy development and practice in public engagement. The conference will help delegates to interrogate new and emerging relationships between citizens and corporations. Those in business, banking, legal, government, industrial, the armed forces as well as the public and voluntary sectors (amongst many others) will find attendance stimulating and useful. The principal focus of the conference will be the interface zone between the corporate sector (however defined) and civil society. It will interrogate difficult and new pathways to the future. This will be an interactive conference. There will be a mixture of academic and practical sessions, keynote addresses and world café discussions. Delegates will be asked to bring a willingness to engage and to problem solve. Additionally, there will be case study presentations and visits to demonstration projects. Wrapped around the conference will be an IAP2 training event for delegates to upgrade their qualifications (should they wish) in public participation processes. This training will be provided by international trainers of extremely high calibre. Diane Coyle - Conference Administrator Professional Development Unit Jordanhill Campus University of Strathclyde Email:

Event schedule:

  • Start: 08-27-2008
  • End: 08-29-2008.