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Planum News 07.2014 | COOPERA(C)TION Post Graduate Programme

16 July 2014

Post Graduate Programme
Knowledge and skills for sustainable cities in the Global South

Milano, Italy
Laboratory of International Cooperation
DAStU - Department of Architecture and Urban Studies
School of Architecture and Society
Politecnico di Milano 

The second edition of the Post Graduate Programme COOPERA(C)TION, starting in November 2014, offers to new generation of experts the chance to acquire skills and knowledge that will help them to develop an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to planning, design and management of urban settlements and territories in contexts with a high level of social, economic, territorial, and landscape vulnerability.
The Course will be held at Politecnico di Milano | Leonardo Campus 



The Course aims at promoting a culture of international cooperation among students, scholars and practitioners in the fields of urban design and management, by acquiring:
 The ability to understand the contexts and interact with people and organizations of the Global South;
The specific ability to share the search for solutions to face the challenges raised by radical socio-economic, environmental and cultural changes caused by globalisation, above all the rapid and massive urbanisation processes in Countries of the Global South, which raise dramatically new problems of spatial and social inequality, as well as a new and difficult environmental challenge related to the climate change.

M0 Setting the Scene: Cities and territories in the Global South: a new challenge and a new cooperation perspective for urban planning, design and management professions
M1 Urban growth and forms of social and spatial inequality: New paradigms and new policies for precarious and informal urbanizations
M2 Housing quality amid architecture and building strategies
M3 Sustainable heritage: Valorisation of cultural resources and landscapes amid conservatin and development
M4 Programmes and tools of international cooperation for development
M5 Environmental and social vulnerability and risk: Adaptation and mitigation strategies 
M6 Food-energy-water management: Towards EXPO 2015 

Full fee: € 1.500,00 
The reduced fee of € 1.000,00 is applicable to PhD students, and to individuals that attained a degree not before 6th of October 2013. 
The reduced fee of € 750,00 is applicable to the students attending an academic degrees (they should anyway have already attained at least a three years university degree). 
The fee must be paid upon registration

• October 6, 2014 | Deadline for application form submission
• October 22-24, 2014 | Selection interviews
• October 27, 2014 | Communication of candidates admitted to the course
• November 3, 2014 | Deadline for registration form submission and fee payment
• November 14, 2014 | Start of the lessons
• June 2015 | End of the lessons
• September 2015  Final examination

The lessons will be held once a week on Fridays (8 hours) for a total of 176 hours (22 days -approximately 7 months). Students could take part in suggested international projects or workshops also during summertime.
Start of program: Classes start on November 2014
Eligibility: Students with at least a three-year university degree, individuals with Bachelor or Master of Science in Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning, Design, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Economy and other scientific fields are eligible for this Course.
Language: the Course will be taught in English. If the students who enrol in the Course are more familiar with Italian, the Course can be held mainly in Italian. Students must have in any case a good knowledge of English.
Credits and certificatesThe Course is equal to 15 University Credits (CFU). After passing the final examination at the end of the Course students will receive a Certificate of participation. 

Gabriele Pasqui | Director
• Paola Bellaviti | General coordinator 
• Rachele Radaelli | Coordinator & Organizer
• Marcello Magoni | Coordinator & Organizer
• Enrico Prevedello
 | Coordinator & Organizer

Remo Dorigati Emanuela Colombo Giuliana Costa Agostino Petrillo Antonella Contin Eleonora Bersani Gian Luca Brunetti Anna Delera Matteo Bolocan Camillo Magni Antonio Tosi M.Cristina Giambruno Paola Bellaviti Marcello Magoni

Polisocial - Politecnico di Milano
UNESCO - Chair in Energy for Sustainable Development
UNESCO - Chair in Architectural Preservation and Planning in Heritage Cities
UNESCO - Chair in Urban and Regional Planning for Sustainable Local Development
ASF - Architecture Sans Frontières
ISF - Engineers Without Borders Milano

COOPERA(C)TION Post Graduate Programme website
Laboratory of International Cooperation website 
Tel: 02.2399 5517 – fax 02.2399 5454
• Rachele Radaelli
Tel:  02.2399 2646
• Costanza Mangione (Managing Office)
Adress: Via Bonardi 3, 1° piano, 20133 Milano