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CALL FOR RESEARCH AWARDS AESOP Young Investigator Training Programme 2019

10 June 2019 – 10 July 2019

AESOP Young Investigator
Training Programme 2019

Various academic and research institutions, Italy
DEADLINE: 31.03.2019 - 12:00 pm GMT
• Department of Architecture of the University of Florence
• ACRI | Associazione di Fondazioni e Casse di Risparmio Spa (ACRI)
• Association of European Schools of Planning – AESOP 
• AESOP Young Academics 


The Department of Architecture of the University of Florence
with the contribution of ACRI | Associazione di Fondazioni e Casse di Risparmio Spa
In the context of AESOP | Association of European Schools of Planning - AESOP Young Academics - AESOP thematic group on Regional Design 

Thanks to a financial contribution from the Associazione di Fondazioni e Casse di Risparmio Spa (ACRI) full funding is available, for up to 23 researcher positions, to: 

• participate in the 2019 AESOP “Planning for Transition” international conference to be held in Venice from 12 to 15 July 2019. 
• spend one month as a visiting scientist at one of the leading Italian departments participating in the network. 

The objective of the “Young Investigator Training Program - YITP” is to promote scientific research and collaboration among internationally-recognized research institutions and to encourage the mobility of young scientists. In particular, the scholarships are designed to support the participation of young researchers, working in research centres abroad, in internationally-recognized research seminars and conferences organized by Italian research institutions. The ultimate purpose is to enable young researchers to establish and consolidate relationships with Italian research centres, with the aim of developing common research projects. 
The AESOP 2019 YITP is targeted at AESOP Young Academics who will be hosted at 8 Italian Universities for a research period of 1 month before the Aesop 2019 Conference in Venice.


The AESOP 2019 YITP is reserved to early stage researchers who will attend the AESOP 2019 conference (and present an oral or poster contribution). Applicants must also: 
• have held a PhD for no more than 10 years or be PhD students; 
• hold a position in a foreign (non-Italian, worldwide) research institution. There are no requirements regarding the nature of the applicants’ position: the AESOP 2019 YITP is open to full-time and part-time researchers from both private and public institutions. 
Young researchers whose study focus is on regional planning and design and who are affiliated with foreign institutions are invited to submit an application for research projects to be carried out at Italian research centres.
The successful candidates will be hosted for a period of at least one month by one of the Italian Institutions in the AESOP 2019 YITP network list (Annex 1 of the attached Call). 


Thanks to a financial contribution from ACRI, AESOP 2019 YITP is offering up to 23 research grants (€ 3,000.00 for each European researcher and € 4,000.00 for each non-European researcher) to young investigators wishing to carry out research in the field of regional planning and design.
The overall amount of the research award will depend on the country of origin and is subject to Italian withholding tax.
The total number of positions that can be funded ranges from 17 to 23, depending on the country of origin of the awardees. This funding will cover all the costs for a one-month period in Italy and registration for the AESOP 2019 conference. Selected candidates are requested to: 
 attend the kick-off meeting of the program, which will be held in Florence on 10 June 2019
 develop a joint research project with their hosting institution 
→ present their research activities at a seminar to be held at the hosting institution
→ present the joint research results at the dedicated roundtable "YOUNG INVESTIGATOR TRAINING PROGRAM 2019 - REGIONAL PLANNING AND DESIGN, FROM THEORY TO PRACTICES" that will be held within the framework of the Aesop 2019 Conference.


Eligible candidates are required to apply by submitting the following documents:
1. The AESOP 2019 YITP Application Form  completed in all parts, dated and signed.
2. A one-page abstract (included in the Application Form) describing the specific research project and related topics that the candidate would like to work on during his/her stay. Connection with the proposed topic is encouraged but is not mandatory.
3. A list of the research centres that the candidate would like to visit, in order of preference (annex 1).
4. An updated CV (max 2 pages using a font no smaller than 10 pt + a list of publications highlighting up to 3 that best match the proposed research activities).
5. An abstract of the contribution to be presented to the roundtable dedicated to the AESOP YITP 2019 PROGRAM is required. If the applicant is an author of a paper accepted for presentation at the AESOP 2019 Conference, the corresponding details (abstract reference number and track/special session/roundtable title) must be provided.
6. A scanned copy of the applicant's passport (or ID document for EU researchers), showing the personal details, i.e. photo and date of birth. If possible, please combine the signed application form and the other documents in a single PDF file.

Submissions must be sent to: by the deadline 12:00 pm GMT on 31 March 2019, Subject: Application for the AESOP 2019 YITP research award.


Senior academics 
Valeria Lingua, Università di Firenze
Giuseppe De Luca, Università di Firenze
Patrizia Gabellini, Politecnico di Milano
Angioletta Voghera, Politecnico di Torino

Young academics
Giulia Fini, Politecnico di Milano
Carlo Pisano, Università di Firenze


→ 31 March 2019 | 12:00 pm GMT:
Application Deadline
→ 5 April 2019:
Announcement of the Awards 
10 June 2019: Kick-off meeting of the program, Florence 
→ 12-15 July 2019: AESOP Annual Conference, Venice 


• Università di Firenze | DIDA - Department of Architecture, Regional Design Lab
• Politecnico di Torino | DIST - Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning
• Politecnico di Milano | DAStU - Department of Architecture and Urban Studies | Laboratory RAPU+ (Rete Archivi Piani Urbanistici + Progettazione Urbanistica)
• Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia | IUAV  
• Università Roma Tre              
 Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II              
 Politecnico di Bari             
 Università degli Studi di Palermo            

Valeria Lingua: 

Event schedule:

  • Start: 06-10-2019
  • End: 07-10-2019.
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