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IV Biennal - Rotterdam 2001

Parallel Session 4: Streetlife, new designs for public space

Report: Franco Migliorini (Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica, Italy - member of the PIWP)

A distinction was made between three types of tasks.
The first category is concerned with historic city centres and is focused on the conservation and revitalisation of the qualities already present. The circumstances in northern and southern Europe were compared with each other. A common characteristic is the need for a good public transport system.
The second category relates to the (former) industrial areas. The emphasis here is on urban renewal and renovation. There is a need for strategic management of complicated interventions such as the confrontation between large scale infrastructure and the smaller scale of the built environment.
The third category of assignments is the approach in the peripheral neighbourhoods that no longer function properly. These are characterised as the 'first layer of the city of the future'. Here conditions must be created for a new urban society and more is required than merely new roads and shopping malls. There is a need for new research for instance into the life styles in these areas.
A special point of attention in these sessions was the possibility of making the city attractive at night by using lighting so that becomes a 24 hour city.