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LIVING LANDSCAPES (Landscapes for living) Conference Proceedings</br>Section 5 | Living differences

Conference Proceedings
Landscapes for living
Section 5 | Living the Differences

The urban landscape is the place where physical and social transformations, that affect the contemporary world, draw more their effects. The city, now more than ever, receives various cultural identities and heterogeneous social components, reflecting different life experiences and various demands of living space; it is the ground in which old and new citizenship rights coexist between integration and refusal.

Some policies seem to deny the existence of these differences, generating a rejection of otherness; other ones impose forced integration, some maintain diversity into separation and other still have the ability to open at interculture and contamination or the tendency towards a “positive discrimination”. If this integration / rejection process can take on many faces, the concrete manifestation of physical and architectural features certainly constitutes a litmus test. Referring to these changes, a renewed skills are necessary to read and understand new settlement forms and, therefore to reformulate a new living's idea between, with and through differences.

Therefore planners, local authorities and policy-makers are called today to deal with new needs (temporary or permanent) and new living meanings, to understand the contact space between differences that can allow their recognition. We propose now a path that from theoretical and conceptual framework about the meaning of "city", "differences" and some variations of their interactions will lead us to understand the dynamics of spontaneous settlements. 



Living the differences / Abitare le differenze
Section edited by Chiara Belingardi, Elisa Bertagnini, Rita Biconne

• A Survey on difference-sensitive planning: images and perspectives 
Camilla Perrone
• Dwell the threshold: encountering otherness 
Azzurra Muzzonigro, Camillo Boano
• Urban policies and Roma. The positive discrimination paradigm 
Andrea Giraldi
• The mosque in the European city: testing the cohabitation 
Michele Morbidoni
• Landscapes of differences: Policies, resources, inhabitants.
Paola Briata
• Migrants’ maps to explore the contemporary city | See also the related video "La città sradicata"
Nausica Pezzoni
• Sacred bodies. Shahjahanabad architecture | See also the related video "Sacred bodies"
Claudia Roselli
• Metropoliz. Roma communities outside camps: new geographies of threshold spaces in Rome
Francesco Careri, Adriana Gori Mazzitelli, Azzurra Muzzonigro, Francesca Boccia
• The refugees settlement in Florence: people fleeing, the search for a roof
Dariuche Dowlatchahi 

      La città sradicata by Nausica Pezzoni

  Sacred bodies by Claudia Roselli