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Living Landscapes (Landscapes for living) Conference Proceedings </br>Section 3 | Local housing

Conference Proceedings
Landscapes for Living
Section 3 | Local Housing

The complex dynamics determined by the forces of globalization in many sectors of human life lead to social transformations which impact on territorial and spatial organization. This affects directly or indirectly our way of life and behavior, from a both perceptive and physical point of view, thus driving us toward new cultures and forms of dwelling, and creating trans-scalar connections among such dynamics.
The papers of this section, by exploring the possible ways in which the global changes the local, propose some interpretations on different ways in which the local responds to globalization. The search for new models of living in a globalized society addresses some authors to suggest models of inhabiting places which can be considered as “alternative” or “new” in respect to the mainstream results characterizing contemporary urban spaces, focused on social experiences in South America.

A central point could hold the different visions of the explored cases together: the role of relational dimension, which is expressed first of all in the connections between the local and the global, the politics and the practices, the social and the ecological, but also, within the local, between people and environment in terms of cognitive and embodied experiences and among people in terms of social and cultural relationships, expressed through people’s activities in places, which some authors indicate as the starting point of a landscape social perception understanding. People’s perception of landscape, at a local scale, that is to say, inside the “inhabited landscapes” is the first step, according to the European Landscape Convention, toward our living places planning and design for a local sustainable development.

Section edited by Rita Biconne, Luca Di Figlia, Maddalena Rossi

• Repoliticizing territories. Experiences of popular politics in an urban settlement
Maura Benegiamo
• Globalised habitats and local cultural patterns. Spontaneous mutations of the Andalusian patio in Seville
Elisa Bertagnini, Michele Morbidoni
• “Empty” territory: diversity as a perspective for new territorial and local dimensions of the project
Leonardo Lutzoni
 Renewing the idea of living locally: two case studies from Latin America
Giovanni Lonati 
• Back around the vision. Strengthening the local dimension
Chiara Ortolani
Discourse and practice on water management in the southern countries
Rita Biconne
• Global challenges and local identity: integrated transformation of Informal areas as a basis for social inclusion
Elena Tarsi