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Urban design and traffic. A selection from Bach's toolbook

Boudewyn Bach in collaboration with Taeke M. de Jong, Marjilein de Jong and Erik van Hal

Published by Crow, 2006 | ISBN 90 6628 473 0

Available in Dutch

Far from being incompatible, urban design and traffic can coexist perfectly well. Urban planners and traffic managers, each working from their respective specialist fields, can create districts that enjoy smoothly flowing traffic and are enjoyable places to be. The development or reconstruction of such districts, however, has to pay due attention to traffic safety, mobility and quality of life.
'Urban design and traffic' offers a comprehensive exploration and explanation of the issues involved. It clearly illustrates what we can learn from the past, offers new methods and explores designs involving different models of transport. The result? A sustainable city that offers good quality of life and traffic safety, where the people who live and work there take centre stage.




• Foreword, 6

• An exceptional book, 8

• Introduction, 20

• One space for two disciplines: urban design and traffic, 22

• Lessons from history, 46

• From profile to network, 108

• Urban planning and design in relation to transport characteristics, 148

• Public transport and the urban structure, 164

• An urban design geared to pedestrians and cyclists, 222

• The car and the urban structure, 262

• The city and traffic - a look ahead, 312