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The Green City

Nicholas Low, Brendan Gleeson, Ray Green, Darko Radovic

Published by Routledge, 2005 | ISBN 0415372313

What does the global agenda of sustainable development mean for the urban spaces where most people live, work and move?

Can we keep what we love about city and suburban life and still save the environment?

What new methods of planning and building will be needed in the 21st century?

A genuinely innovative book, The Green City considers and answers these three basic questions and challenges the way we think about our cities, the environment and planning for the future.

It presents a new and controversial challenge to ideas about sustainability and rejects both economic and environmental orthodoxy. In a nutshell, its message is that the sustainable city can be built by a thousand well-directed small changes. To illustrate this, The Green City draws on diverse practical case material from Australia, Europe, the USA and Asia, featuring a photographic essay of 34 colour photographs.

In The Green City, a multi-disciplinary team of city-building Australian professionals explain in straightforward terms how one idea - ecological sustainability - can be embodied in the everyday life of homes, communities and cities to make a better future.



• What does 'sustainability' mean for cities?
• Sustainable homes and suburbs
• Nature in a nutshell
• Sustainable workplaces
• Sustainable transport
• Making the green city
• Green-shaded cities