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Multiple City

Urban Concepts 1908/2008 Stadkonzepte 1908/2008

edited by Sophie Wolfrum & Winfried Nerdinger

Published by Jovis Verlag, 2008 | ISBN 978-3-86859-0

Multiple City reflects on current urban development against the background of urban concepts over the past 100 years. It is possible to trace the history of multiple manifestations, parallel strategies and diametrical developments. Urban concepts and urbanist discourse enjoy temporary booms, but leave behind enduring evidence. Today, a wide range of phenomena, interpretations and debates exist in conjunction. This publication documents 16 important topics of urban development on the basis of texts, up-to-date photographs and historical planning material. Well-known authors adopt standpoints on current urban developments in 32 essays. It becomes possible to experience urban development as an exciting discourse that involves us all.

The exhibition presents sixteen urbanistic terms, examining their transformation up to the present: From the 'garden city' at the beginning of the 20th century via the city landscape concepts of the early post-war period to today’s 'urban landscapes' and from the 'new towns' of the 1960s to the current establishments of cities in China and the United Arab Emirates; from the leading ideas of a 'mobile city' to the 'Telepolis' of a digital era and from the 'pleasure city' of a global consumer landscape to the strategy of branding, the city as a trademark.  New phenomena appear which, at the same time, can be a product of traditional strategies. These phenomena are heterogeneous, there is neither one manifestation nor one strategy in dealing with the city of today: Multiple City.

The catalogue is published parallel to the exhibition Multiple City. Urban Concepts 1908/2008, Pinakothek der Moderne Munchen, 4th December 2008 - 1 March 2009.
Exhibition and publication are jointly produced by Architekturmuseum TU Munchen and Lehrstuhl fur Stadtebau und Regionalplanung TU Munchen. The exhibition as well as its accompanying catalogue are to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Department for Urban and Regional Planning at the TU München.




1. Garden City | Urban Landscape - Gartenstadt | Stadtlandschaft 

Sören Schöbel-Rutschmann
From Urban Growth to Mega-Urban Landscape 
Detlev Ipsen

2. Functional City | Patchwork City - Funktionale Stadt | Patchwork City 
(Dys)Functionalism in a Post(sub)urban Landscape 
Bart Eeckhout, Steven Jacobs
Innovationsland: Tussenland 
Rainer Johann


3. Region as City | Network City - Region als Stadt | Netzstadt 
Broadacre City and Sprawls 
Robert Bruegmann
Open System Network 
Gunther Laux


4Tessuto Urbano | City as Collective Memory- Tessuto Urbano | Stadt Als Kollektives Gedachtnis 

Stadt als gebautes und kottektives Gedächtnis 
Winfried Nerdinger
Stadtquartiere vom Webstuhl 
Sylvain Malfroy, Frank Zierau


5. Urban regeneration | Urban Renewal - Regeneration Der Stadt | Stadtumbau 
Learning from London 
Cordelia Polinna 
Creative Leipzig. Stadt als Beziehungslandschaft 
Iris Reuther, Andreas Paul


6. Urban Design | Architecture of the city - Stadtbaukunst | Architektur der Stadt
Architektonische Urbanistik 
Sophie Wolfrum 
Wie kommt der Entwurf zur Stadt? 
Josef Rott
The Richly Designed Street 
Coy Howard


7. Genius Loci | Place and Atmosphere- Genius Loci | Orti und Atmospharen
Landschaft als Geschehen der Natur und der Stadt
Martin Seel
Lebendige Orte oder: die Spuren der Beruhrung
Ina-Maria Greverus


8. Situational Urbanism | Performative Urbanism - Situativer Urbanismus | Performativer Urbanismus 

Performance, Risk and the Public Realm 
Iain Borden
Fubgánger in der nackten Stadt 
Jorg Dünne 


9. Mobile City | Telepolis - Mobile Stadt | Telepolis 
Multiple Mobilities. Mobilität in der modernisierten Moderne 
Wolfgang Bonb
What Happened to the Temporary Private Zones? 
Doris Zoller


10. Healthy City | Sustainable City - Gesunde Stadt | Nachhaltige Stadt 

Urbane Nachhaltigkeit - eine Utopie? 
Rolf Peter Sieferle 
Sustaining = Synergizing? Cities in Anticipation 
Cornelia Redeker


11. Social Housing | Lifestyle Urbanism - Sozialer Wohnungsbau | Lifestyle Urbanismus 

A Toda Costa 
Markus Lanz, Sophie Wolfrum
Zeeland Pr[i]vince 
Marisol Rivas-Velázquez, Chnstian Schmutz


12. Pleasure City | City of Perfection 
Cities of Perfection: Stadtfluchten oder Stadtversprechen 
Regina Bittner
The Shopping Centre as an Urban Innovator? 
Alex Wall


13. City as Image | Urban Icon - Stadt als Bild | Urban Icon 

Raumdogma und Architekturbild 
Gerd de Bruyn
Im Bilde seim 
Alban Janson


14. New Towns | New Capitalist City - New Towns | New Capitalist City 

Cities Without History 
Neville Mars
Zweierlei Städte
Christoph Luchsinger


15. Territory City | City as Prize - Territorium Stadt | Stadt als Beute 

In Europa mehr Initiative und Kraft entwickeln 
Stephen Lanz 
Re-codifying Territories of Exclusion 
Marcos Leite Rosa


16. The Myth of Metropolis | The Myth of Megacity - Mythos Metropolis | Mythos Megacity

Capitalising Urban Myth 
Ole Bouman 
The Endless City 
Ricky Burdett 


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Sophie Wotirum, since 2003 Professor at the Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning at the Technische Universität Munich. Member of numerous juries and advisory boards, including iba see, Baukollegium Zurich, Ostfildern Scharnhauser Park, Berlin Tempeihof, Goethe Institute. Specialised publications include Urban Landscape: Authentizität und Performativität (2005), Kapazitãt von Architektur (with A. Janson 2006), SelbstSolidaritat und öffentlicher Raum (2008). Office projects received, among others, the German City Planning Award 1995 and 2006.
Winfried Nerdinger, since 1986 Professor of Architectural History and Director of the Architectural Museum of the Technische Universität Munich (since 2002 at the Pinakothek der Moderne). Since 1995 Director of the Architectural Museum Schwaben. Since 2004 Director of the Department of Fine Arts at the Bavarian Academy of the Fine Arts. Visiting professor at universities in Harvard, Helsinki, Canton; Cummings Lecturer at the McGill University, Montreal.