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Issue 67, 1994

from Spazio e Società

Spazio e Società

In this issue:
  1. The dark evil

    [ita] Il male oscuro

    by Bruno Gabrielli

  2. Letters from England

    [ita] Lettera dall'Inghilterra

    by Giorgio Piccinato

  3. Outlook towers on information highways

    [ita] Torri-osservatorio sulle iperstrade delle informazioni

    by Giancarlo De Carlo

  4. The model of the local administration in England

    [ita] Il modello del governo locale in Inghilterra

    by R. A. W. Rhodes

  5. Pedestrian bridge across the Swiss Bay of Vranov Lake, Czech Republic

    [ita] Architettura dell'ingegneria

    by Jiri Strasky

  6. England year zero

    [ita] Inghilterra anno zero

  7. A critical profile of the English town planning

    [ita] Un profilo critico dell'urbanistica inglese

    by Edgar A. Rose

  8. An invaluable lesson

    [ita] Un insegnamento prezioso

    by Amedeo Petrilli

  9. A balance of the structural plans in Great Britain

    [ita] Un bilancio dei piani strutturali in Gran Bretagna

    by J. Brian McLoughlin

  10. Housing policy, public intervention social classes in Great Britain

    [ita] Politica dell'abitazione, intervento statale e classi sociali in Gran Bretagna

    by Bob Blackaby

  11. Miguel Angel Roca at Cordoba. Two encounters with Roca

    [ita] Miguel Angel Roca a Cordoba. Due incontri con Roca

    by Giancarlo De Carlo

  12. General development of Cordoba in the 1980 and 1991 plans. A summary

    [ita] Strategia generale di sviluppo e decentramento nei piani del 1980 e del 1991. Estratti

    by Miguel Angel Roca

  13. The issue of the housing in London

    [ita] Il problema della casa a Londra

    by David Eversley

  14. Residual utopia. A periphery impregnated with architecture

    [ita] Residui di utopia. Periferia, architettura e partecipazione

    by Hugo Segawa

  15. The issue of the transport in London

    [ita] Il problema dei trasporti a Londra

    by David Bayliss

  16. Two projects by Lucien Lafour and Rikkert Wijk

    [ita] Dal Suriname a Bijlmermeer

    by Paola de Santis

  17. The Scottish town planning consequences of the oil extraction in Southern Sea

    [ita] Le conseguenze urbanistiche in Scozia dell'estrazione del petrolio del Mare del Nord

    by Timothy Shaw

  18. Children and architects. Trees. Smells

    [ita] Bambini e architetti. Alberi. Odori

    by Franco La Cecla

  19. The main standards of town planning intervention in United Kingdom

    [ita] Le principali tipologie di interventi urbanistico nel Regno Unito

    by Edgar A. Rose

  20. Central areas renovation: Manchester

    [ita] Ristrutturazione di aree centrali: Manchester

  21. Pedestrian roads and urban landscape: Leeds

    [ita] Strade pedonali e paesaggio urbano: Leeds

  22. Protection and upgrading for parts of city: Birmingham

    [ita] Conservazione e risanamento di parti di città: Birmingham

  23. The Palace of the Aljaferia. An approximation to beauty

    [ita] Il Palazzo di Aljaferia. Un avvicinamento alla bellezza

    by David A. Vila Domini

  24. Pedestrian roads and urban landscape: Norwich and Birmingham

    [ita] Strade pedonali e paesaggio urbano: Norwich e Birmingham

  25. Environmental upgrading in Camden village

    [ita] Risanamento ambientale nel borgo di Camden

    by Bruno Schlaffenberg

  26. Two interventions in Lambeth village

    [ita] Due interventi nel borgo di Lambeth

    by David Lewis

  27. Milton Keynes revision's plan

    [ita] La revisione del piano di Milton Keynes

    by Walter Bor

  28. The new National British Exposition Centre

    [ita] Il nuovo centro nazionale britannico per le esposizioni

    by Derek Griffin

  29. New universities in the city and country

    [ita] Nuove università nella città e nella campagna

    by Edgar A. Rose

  30. It all started with a disused public convenience

    [ita] "00"

    by Inredningar Utföres

  31. In memory of Aris Konstantinidis

    [ita] Ricordando Aris Konstantinidis

    by Athinà Barbero

  32. On readign city forms

    [ita] Leggere le forme urbane

    by P.G. Raman

  33. Amendment to the Land Building Regulation in North Rhine-Westphalia

    [deu] Landesbauordnungsnovelle in NRW

    by Wolfgang Würstlin

  34. Spatial planning and Electronic Data Processing (EDP)

    [deu] Raumplanung und EDV

    by Daniel Zerweck

  35. Projects (during the Spatial Planning study programme at the University of Dortmund): 'up-to-date' and qualifying for the job?

    [deu] Projekte: aktuell und berufsqualifizierend?

    by Viktoria Waltz

  36. Outline of spatial planning as a career

    [deu] Berufsfeld Raumplanung

    by Uschi Moering

  37. Independent in a team Looking back at the education of academics

    [deu] Selbständig im Team - Akademikerausbildung im Rückblick

    by Bernhard Krella

  38. Structural change in spatial planning A series of lectures at the faculty of Spatial Planning at the University of Dortmund

    [deu] Strukturwandel in der Raumplanung - Veranstaltungsreihe am Fachbereich Raumplanung an der Universität Dortmund

    by Heinz-Jürgen Bremm

  39. A look into the future Planning education at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg

    [deu] Ein Blick in die Zukunft - Planerausbildung an der TU Hamburg-Harburg im nächsten Jahrhundert

    by Hans Harms

  40. Business park Minister Achenbach

    [deu] Gewerbepark Minister Achenbach

    by Doris Vielhaber

  41. Environmental-audit of the European Union

    [deu] Umwelt-Audit der Europäischen Union

    by Marion Steiner

  42. 1st IfR-meeting of female planners

    [deu] Erstes IfR-Planerinnentreffen

    by Katrin Gliemann

  43. Urban-ecological information-system An article about setting up a planning database for Düsseldorf

    [deu] Stadtökologisches Informationssystem - Bericht zum Aufbau einer Planungsdatenbank in Düsseldorf

    by Dietmar Mücke

  44. Difficult paths towards utopia Urban design plans in the young Soviet Union

    [deu] Schwierige Pfade in Richtung Utopia - Städtebauliche Konzepte in der jungen Sowjetunion

    by Robert Kaltenbrunner

  45. Planner education with a profile The development of the Spatial and Environmental Planning study programme at the University of Kaiserslautern

    [deu] Planerausbildung mit Profil - Zur Entwicklung des Studiengangs Raum- und Umweltplanung in Kaiserslautern

    by Hans-Jörg Domhardt

  46. Studying in Hamburg-Harburg The Urban Design/Urban Planning study programme

    [deu] Studieren in Hamburg-Harburg - Ein Bericht über den Studiengang Städtebau/Stadtplanung

    by Volker Hauth

  47. Integrative planning education Opinion poll among the graduates of the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg

    [deu] Integrative PlanerInnenausbildung - Absolventinnenbefragung an der TU Hamburg-Harburg

    by Joachim Becker