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Issue 60, 1992

from Spazio e Società

Spazio e Società

In this issue:
  1. Inside and outside the frame

    [ita] Dentro e fuori la cornice

    by Giancarlo De Carlo

  2. The Maastricht Treaty A new status for spatial planning

    by Richard Williams

  3. Norse tales

    [ita] Spiriti del nord

    by Sverre Fehn

  4. The experimental house

    [ita] India: case sperimentali in terra

    by Gautam Bhatia

  5. Euralille and the Public-Private-Partnership

    by Michel Harrus

  6. The Genoa Expo

    [ita] Balla coi moli. L'Expo di Genova

    by Clelia Tuscano

  7. David Lea: two projects

    [ita] David Lea: due progetti

    by Peter Blundell Jones

  8. The Euro-Disney Project in Marne la Vallee

    by Jean-Claude Gaillot

  9. Manchester and Urban Regeneration. The role of the Central Manchester Development Corporation

    by Paul Butler

  10. Urban Renewal Public-Private-Partnership in the Netherlands

    by Paul P. Kohnstamm

  11. Reviews

    [ita] Recensioni

    by Michael Taylor

  12. The mysterious energies within and around us

    [ita] Le energie misteriose dentro e intorno a noi

    by Prabhat Poddar

  13. Designing with Feng Shui

    [ita] Progettare col Feng Shui

    by Evelyn Lip Mong Har

  14. Planning in Europe At least planners work towards unity

    by Roger Smook

  15. Feng Shui in Hong Kong

    [ita] Il Feng Shui a Hong Kong

    by Goh Yeang Choo

  16. Space, time and nature in Indian architecture

    [ita] Spazio, tempo e natura nell'architettura indiana

    by Madhu Khanna

  17. The modern Vastu

    [ita] Il Vastu moderno

    by Sumeeta Srinivasan

  18. The public, the private and the sacred

    [ita] Il pubblico, il privato e il sacro

    by Charles Correa

  19. Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur Museum at Jaipur

    [ita] Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur Museum at Jaipur

    by Charles Correa