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Urbanistica Cover 132

The ‘Extramet’ project and the case study of Campania

periphery, parco, periferia, campania, napoli, park,
campagna, aree periurbane, urban countryside,
periurban agricultural land, projects

Simonetta Volpe

Extramet is a project co-funded by the European commission, within the Interreg program III B Medocce. It has the aim of experimenting an innovative method for enhancing the spaces that act as buffers between the ‘city’ and the ‘countryside’. The local project of the Campania Region has individuated a territorial ambit where experimentation will be carried out: the agricultural spaces falling within the perimeter of the Hills of Naples Regional Park, established by Lr n. 17 of 07/10/2003.

This article appears in issue 132 of Urbanistica (pag. 43).