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Splintering Urbanism: Networked Infrastructures, Technological Mobilities and the Urban Condition - Review

"Splintering Urbanism" offers a path-breaking analysis of the contemporary urban condition through the lens of infrastructural networks.
It develops an unprecedented international and interdisciplinary analysis of the complex interactions between infrastructural networks, new technologies, and contemporary urban spaces.
For the first time within one text, such a perspective brings together discussion about:

* globalization and the city
* the urban and social effects of new technology
* urban, architectural and social theory
* social polarisation, marginalisation and democratisation
* Infrastructure, architecture and the built environment
* developed, developing and post-communist worlds.

"Splintering Urbanism" brings together a broad range of case studies, boxed examples, over 100 illustrations and a comprehensive glossary. These take the reader on global journeys encompassing finance districts in Tokyo and New York; e-commerce spaces in Jamaica and northern England ; new media enclaves in San Francisco and London; logistics and airport cities in Asia and the United States ; malls in Atlanta and Singapore' gated communities in Istanbul, São Paulo, Mumbai and Johannesburg ; new highway spaces in Melbourne, Manila and Los Angeles ; and network ghettos in the United States, the United kingdom and the developing world.


This is a review for: