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Urbanistica Cover n.136/2008

Plans for deciding: speed, goals and forms

urban planning, pianificazione urbana, piano, plan,
progetto, project, san donato milanese, plans & policies

Francesco Infussi

During the San Donato experience the work group participated in drafting many different projects. Whilst we conceived, promoted and extended some of these, for others we discussed and accompanied them. Others still we checked and controlled... there is no end to this list of roles which we covered in our capacity as consultants to the municipal authorities. The author attempt to discuss this from some standpoints, that seem to be the ones that allow us to make an important statement about planning work, perhaps also about the role of the designer and the effectiveness of the designs. They cover the ‘speed’, the ‘purposes’ of the planning activity and the ‘forms’ of the project.

This article appears in issue 136 of Urbanistica (pag. 54).