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Urbanistica Cover n.136/2008

Form and contents of the ‘Strategy and framework document’

urban planning, strategic planning, pianificazione
urbana,piano, plan, progetto, pianificazione strategica,
project,san donato milanese, plans & policies

Antonio Longo

The decision to develop the document through the public participation structured process described in these pages was reflected in the form the document took. This had to be of an experimental nature as it combined very different themes that were difficult to break down into univocal visions. The interaction through images, scenarios and vision resulted in a document whose contents are the evolution of the images themselves (which organises the information and sets its goal), selecting and translating scenarios into possible projects, the acquisition of a political and technical vision of the future of the city as the heart of the document.

This article appears in issue 136 of Urbanistica (pag. 43).