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Urbanistica Cover n.136/2008

Ecological network and planning

ecology, paesaggio, landscape, ecologia, pianificazione
territoriale, territorial planning,verde, green, wide area
planning, ecological network, reti ecologiche, environment

Biancamaria Rizzo

It is evident that the model of the ecological network inside the plan is, up today, the most pursued, for its easier realization, through the adaptation and the forcing in an ecological key of the existing planning instruments. Harder, though more effective, could be a model of ecological network done through the plans, as to say an autonomous and transversal instrument that could interact, in a process of feedback, with the different levels and sectors of planning, defining itself as the unique reference methodological, cognitive, evaluational and operational. This transveral nature could be an element of complication, but at the same time it could represent a constant incentive for innovation and for the coherent speech between land governance instruments and the ‘reasons of the environment’.

This article appears in issue 136 of Urbanistica (pag. 7).