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Communicating parco Ottavi

communication, competition, urban project, reggio emilia, implementation, comunicazione, concorso, progetto urbanistico, attuazione, projects

Benta Wiley

Is communication a fundamental ingredient in the design process or a rhetoric key for possible exploitation? In the case of parco Ottavi it seems that the first hypothesis may be true: in Reggio Emilia the project for the master plan has been possible thanks to a delicate dosing of the component-communication. This ‘sensibility’ in the various phases of the project has fostered some particular synergies that have consented that parco Ottavi (beginning with the initial idea of the owner developer over 6 years ago) to be approved by the city council and it is actually in a phase of construction.

This article appears in issue 131 of Urbanistica (pag. 79).