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Urbanistica Cover 126

Barcelona progrès: a successful experiment in communicating town planning

architecture, communication, barcelona, urban project,
città, progetto urbano, city, comunicazione,
transformations, trasformazione, architettura,
barcellona, tools & information

Josep A. Acebillo

The Barcelona in Progress exhibition is an initiative to explain and validate the projects being managed in the metropolitan transformation of Barcelona. In this attempt it is vital to overcome a limitation: represent and communicate the territorial impact of the projects under construction in a comprehensible form. For this reason it has been transformed the two-dimensional plan into a large relief model of the city, that is, into a suggestive three-dimensional object. This operations opens a whole range of opportunities as yet largely unexplored, resulting in it becoming a powerful investigative and urban planning instrument.

This article appears in issue 126 of Urbanistica (pag. 113).