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Planum Newsletter 09.2012 </br>43rd Urban Affairs Association Conference 2012 </br>Cover

3 April 2013 – 6 April 2013

Urban Affairs Association
43rd Annual UAA Conference
Building the 21st Century City:
Inclusion, Innovation and Globalization

San Francisco, California, USA
DEADLINE: 01.10.2012
Urban Affairs Association

The urban context represents a multiplicity of social, economic, and political challenges, as well as great successes. This year’s conference theme focuses on highlighting urban successes facilitated by governments, individual residents, neighborhood groups, non-profits, and others across the globe.

Issues raised by the conference theme are those that are relevant to the San Francisco context and other urban cities. These 21st century issues are broadly framed as:
 Inclusive Cities - Successes and Challenges in Diversity and Inclusion
Who has access in richly diverse cities? How is that access gained? When faced with exclusion, how can/have marginalized groups penetrate local institutions and have a voice in larger society? 
• Innovative Cities.
National and International Partnerships/Collaborations

In what ways have cities used the technology within their borders and across their regions to improve quality of life for their citizens? What are some successful outcomes of innovative strategies that have been transferred from one context (i.e., local, regional, or national) to another?
• Global Cities
How have cities taken advantage of their role in the international economy to improve quality of life in the future? How have the successes and failures of nations shaped policy practices in other nations – socially, economically, politically, and environmentally?
• New Urban Challenges
What are some 21st century challenges, at the local, regional, national, and/or the global level, that have arisen as policymakers, practitioners, and individuals work to improve the lives of urban populations?

• Urban Issues in Asia and the Pacific Rim
This track covers a variety of urban issues affecting urban populations and places in Asia and/or the Pacific Rim such as poverty, governance, sustainable development, environmental degradation, and technological innovations, to name a few.
• Media and Urban Life
This track captures the diverse perspectives of scholars and practitioners from a variety of fields (e.g., communication, journalism, urban affairs, public policy, law, political science, sociology, criminal justice, architecture, and city/regional planning) as they explore the intersection between media and urban life – i.e, physically, political, and socially.

In addition to exploring the topics that frame the conference theme and special tracks, the UAA encourages proposals that focus on the broad array of research topics typically found at UAA conferences:
• Arts, Culture, Media
• Disaster Planning for Urban Areas, Disaster Management, Emergency Preparedness, Cities and Security
• Economic Development, Redevelopment, Tourism, Urban Economics, Urban Finance
• Education, Schools, Universities
• Environmental Issues, Sustainability, Urban Health, Technology and Society
• Globalization, International Urban Issues
• Governance, Intergovernmental Relations, Regionalism, Urban Management
• Historic Preservation, Space and Place
• Housing, Neighborhoods, Community Development
• Human/Social Services, Nonprofit Sector
• Immigration, Population and Demographic Trends
• Infrastructure, Capital Projects, Networks, Transport, Urban Services
• Labor, Employment, Wages, Training
• Land Use, Growth Management, Urban Development, Urban Planning
• Poverty, Welfare, Income Inequality
• Professional Development, The Field of Urban Affairs
• Public Safety in Urban Areas, Criminal Justice, Household Violence
• Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Diversity
• Social Capital, Democracy and Civil Society, Social Theory, Religion and the City
• Urban Design, Urban Architecture
• Urban Indicators, Data/Methods, Satisfaction/Quality of Life Surveys
• Urban Politics, Elections, Citizen Participation
• Urban Theory, Theoretical and Conceptual Issues in Urban Affairs

A proposal can be submitted through the UAA website (starting June 1, 2012) for a: 

Research paper presentation 
•  Pre-organized panel (a group of 4-5 papers with moderator) 
•  Pre-organized colloquy session (4-5 formal discussants without papers) 
•  Breakfast roundtable (informal discussions led by 1-2 conveners) 
•  Poster
Participation Policy
• NEW! Individuals are limited to participating (as a presenter or moderator) in one (1) conference 
session only. A conference session is defined as: a panel, a colloquy, a poster display, or a breakfast 
roundtable. There is no limit to the number of papers/posters for which you are a co-author. You simply 
cannot be scheduled to participate in more than one session. 
• Policy exception: persons who are asked to play a service role (e.g., plenary speaker, professional development session speaker) for UAA can participate in one additional session. 
• NEW! No late paper proposals will be accepted. After October 1, only the poster option is available.

• Abstract or Session Proposal submission deadline: 01.10.2012

• Acceptance or rejection notices: 19.11.2012
• Early registration deadline: 15.01.2012
• Late registration deadline (your paper may be removed from the program if you fail to register by date):  15.02.2012
• Hotel reservation deadiline: 4.03.2012

Local Host Committee
Genie Stowers, Chair, San Francisco State University
Asha Agrawal, San Jose State University
Corey Cook, University of San Francisco
Jerry Eisman, San Francisco State University
Marc Levin, University of California, Berkeley
Ayse Pamuk, San Francisco State University
Jasper Rubin, San Francisco State University
Jennifer Shea, San Francisco State University
Michael Teitz, University of California, Berkeley

Peter Burns, Chair, Loyola University New Orleans
Lisa Bates, Portland State University
Steve Erie, University of California, San Diego
Robert Chaskin, University of Chicago
Gordana Rabrenovic, Northeastern University

• Urban Affairs Association (c/o Urban Studies Program)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413
| Urban Affairs Association web-site | 43rd UAA Conference page | Submit proposal | E-mail

Event schedule:

  • Start: 04-03-2013
  • End: 04-06-2013.
Planum News 09.2012 </br>43rd Urban Affairs Association Conference 2012 Planum Newsletter 09.2012 </br>43rd Urban Affairs Association Conference 2012