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City of the future - introduction

The online-event "The City of the Future" is an opportunity to discuss - within a European platform - development programmes and concepts with a long-term perspective of cities, metropoles and city regions, as well as programmatic and theoretical aspects on this topic.

Findings and further questions are the following ones:
What are the visions and perspectives discussed in cities in Europe at the beginning of the 21st century?
What are the social, economic, ecological, cultural challenges and changes expected?
Which solutions are offered by the elaborations?
What are the single national positions in terms of future urban development? Are there any national reports or programmes to foster discussion on the city of the future?
In which way are the visions focussed and developed at the local level? For instance, in terms of development directions and models?
Which methods are adopted at the local level? Which kind of plans and programmes or other instruments is used?
Is it a theoretical and abstract problem or are there direct implications for urban planning practice?

The event is subdivided into different sections:

Theoretical and scientific reflection on the city of the future. Experiences from municipalities and city regions discussing and adopting long term perspectives on the form and the governance of the future city

Anthology (books review and articles)
Commented bibliographical review: books, monographies, articles in scientific journals

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