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Biennal Copenhagen 2005

VI Biennal Copenhagen 2005

"City Living - Living City"

City Living -Living City
Living cities are as important as ever in the global competition to attract creative people and international investments.The 6th European Biennial of Towns and Town Planners explores the changing terms and targets for planners in a global-networked-and reassembled Europe.
The Biennial is a forum for meeting old and new colleagues from all of Europe.Youwill meet planners, politicians, architects, management consultants, academics and other makers of the cities. Mayors from both Eastern and Western Europe willdiscuss core issues in contemporary planning.The Biennial embraces the young initiatives by launching Urban Stories of Europe.Urban Stories of Europe is an alternative and pioneer approach to cityliving and the living of city across the borders of Europe.

Urban Border-Crossing
The Øresund Region has been chosen to host the 6th Biennial of Towns and Town Planners in Europe.The region represents a unique example of new border-crossing regional and urban collaboration networks.The Biennial will take place at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts,School of Architecture in Copenhagen, and will be held as a large conference with exhibitions, lectures, multimedia presentations and events. Workshops and excursions will take place in a variety of interesting urban locations in Copenhagen, Malmö and Lund. The workshop holders are all professionals and play an important role in the development of the Øresund region.

Planners meet Politicians
The Biennial will present a wide range of well known,insightful,and charismatic keynote speakers,including Professor of Sociology, Saskia Sassen, University of Chicago, in a panel debate with the mayors on Ancona,Vilnius and Frederiksberg.
Professor of Geography, Meric S.Gertler, University of Toronto, Professor Anne Power, London School of Economics, and Professor François Ascher, Institut Francais d ’Urbanisme, will highlight the current challenges of the European city from various perspectives. At the farewell reception in the Copenhagen Opera House architect Henning Larsen and Louis Becker will give a presentation of the Opera building.

The Biennial is held every second year in a major European city.The first Biennial was held in Lyon in 1995. Since, the Biennial has been held in Rome, Herne, Rotterdam, Barcelona and now in the Øresund Region.

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