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A window on: Edinburgh,  Figure 1

A window on: Edinburgh

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The problem of the decline of public housing neighbourhoods is shared by the majority of European countries that seems to have in common the same approaches and policies oriented towards local development, integration, citizens involvement.
Italy, one of the countries that just recently entered this debate, acquired experience and references from countries with more consolidated tradition, such as the United Kingdom. Right about now that Italy begin to have a certain amount of experiences, it seems convenient to make a parallel with the countries that are founding fathers of regeneration.
It is important to underline the persistence of relevant differences; Italy is lacking of a national policy; funding fragmentation and bidding procedures hinder the continuity of programmes over time.
Also the variety and flexibility of local initiatives, so far considered a positive characteristic, can be in prospect a limit to efficacy and sustainability.

(ENG) The renewal of Niddrie, Edinburgh *, by Carlotta Fioretti
La riqualificazione di Niddrie, Edinburgh, by Carlotta Fioretti
(ENG) UK and Italy: elements for comparison *, by Carlotta Fioretti 
Regno Unito e Italia: elementi per un confronto, by Carlotta Fioretti
(ENG) Best practices in Italy 
*, by Carlotta Fioretti 
Buone pratiche in Italia, by Carlotta Fioretti 

Gli articoli contrassegnati con il simbolo (*) sono stati pubblicati anche su "Urbanistica Informazioni" n.219/2008.


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