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Urbanistica Cover n.134/2007

The strategies of planning of the National Park of the Vesuvius

territorio, territory, napoli, naples, rischi naturali, vesuvio,
vesuvius, protezione civile, natural risks, civil protection,

Amilcare Troiano

The protected areas are not islands of protected nature but knots of a net that also interests the rest of the territory and that propose themselves as a model of management of the environment and their resources that crosses their borders and influence the chooses in planning and environmental development of the vast area. The National Park of Vesuvius establishes big part of its planning activities and projects on this principle, that implies the involvement of the whole local system for a sharing, convergence and integration of the actions of the different subjects, public and privacies, present on the territory.

This article appears in issue 134 of Urbanistica (pag. 45).