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Urbanistica Cover n.135/2008

The plan's public process

communication, participation, partecipazione,
bologna, comunicazione, piano strutturale,
structural plan, plans & policies

Giovanni Ginocchini

The re-launch of the process for drafting the Bologna Municipal structural plan, following the change of administration in june 2004, has seen not only the revision of the general objectives governing the city’s transformation, but also a desire to try out new forms of communication and public involvement in the choices that relate to the territorial policies. The programme takes the form of a process for communicating and listening to a wide range of stakeholders, associations and individual citizens. The mixture of methods and instruments for interaction has assured that the procedure has the necessary flexibility as well as the possibility of calibrating the degree of interaction possible, alternating information and consultation with project development that involves public participation.

This article appears in issue 135 of Urbanistica (pag. 70).