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Urbanistica Cover 132

Scenarios of land reconstruction based on neo-agriculture and new lifestyles and consumption patterns

agriculture, periphery, periferia, agricoltura,
campagna, aree periurbane, urban countryside,
periurban agricultural land, projects

Francesco Coviello

According to the authors we are assisting to a extraordinary reduction of the complexity of the territory transformed into a boundless space organised by functions. This destiny has caused a 'genocide' in the world of farming, rural production and countryside culture, the deportation and reduction to a sorry state of the subjects cultivating land while the social value of their work was completely disregarded. This desertified and depopulated the countryside in the industrialised regions and changed the rural land only into ‘open space', non competitive as a place for agriculture, thus not self-generating and self-reproductive, merely a resource of space for the territory of industrialisation and urbanisation. Thus the author's proposals, concerning the figure of the 'Agricultural park', are essentially based upon awarding again an intrinsic value to the countryside land founded on agricultural production which contemporaneously produces the territory.

This article appears in issue 132 of Urbanistica (pag. 54).