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Urbanistica Cover 129

A new paradigm to test

italy, town planning, italia, pianificazione urbana,
siena, piano strutturale, structural plan, plans & policies

Andrea Filpa

After a relatively short incubation period, lasting less than three years from the start of the proceeding to its adoption by the Municipal Council, Siena now has a new urban development plan. The article describes it. Along the apparently narrow path outlined first in Regional Law 5/95, and further defined by LR 1/05, the SP work group moved with unsuspected freedom, not only finalizing a procedure able to ensure a constant balance between the statutory dimension and the strategic dimension of the Plan, but also identifying concrete grounds for the application of two components of the planning process that had by now become crucial, namely having recourse to assessment techniques and seeking a greater involvement of the public.

This article appears in issue 129 of Urbanistica (pag. 31).