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Urbanistica Cover 99

Issue 99, 1990

from Urbanistica


In this issue:
  1. The project of plan

    [ita] Il progetto di piano

    by P. Gabellini

  2. Anthology

    [ita] Antologia

    by P. Di Biagi

  3. Design as a form of research

    [ita] La progettazione come forma di ricerca

    by E. Taverne

  4. V.e.n.u.s. project

    [ita] Progetto V.e.n.u.s. Valutazione della eseguibilità dei nodi urbanistici di Siena

    by D. Rallo

  5. Siena

    [ita] Siena

    by B. Secchi

  6. Staedtebau

    [ita] Staedtebau

    by M. Sernini

  7. Reviews

    [ita] Recensioni

    by C. Merlini

  8. The housing space

    [ita] Lo spazio abitabile

    by U. Ischia

  9. Strategical planning in the Ile-de-France region

    [ita] Pianificazione strategica nella regione Ile-de France

    by C. Morandi

  10. Giovanni Astengo (1915-1990)

    [ita] Giovanni Astengo (1915-1990)

    by B. Gabrielli

  11. Plans and projects for Siena: a rational history

    [ita] Piani e progetti per Siena: una storia ragionata

    by P. Gabellini

  12. Toward an articulated image of Siena: the outer city

    [ita] Per un'articolazione dell'immagine di Siena: la città esterna

    by P. Gabellini

  13. Siena's new master plan

    [ita] Il nuovo piano regolatore di Siena

    by P. Gabellini

  14. The correspondence-analysis. Possibilities of its use within spatial planning

    [deu] Die Korrespondenzanalyse Einsatzmöglichkeiten in der Raumplanung

    by Hanns Werner Bonny

  15. Editorial

    [ita] Editoriale

  16. Pragmatism and urban project in the 30s

    [ita] Pragmatismo e progetto urbano negli anni trenta

    by C. Bianchetti

  17. The 1956 Siena Master plan: between history and nature

    [ita] Il piano di Siena del 1956: un disegno tra storia e natura

    by C. Merlini

  18. From plan to plan: the last thirty years of planning in Siena

    [ita] Da piano a piano: gli ultimi trent'anni di vicende urbanistiche a Siena

    by M. Tarantola

  19. English summaries

    [ita] English summaries

  20. Town planning

    [ita] Urbanistica

  21. Times of the city, times of politics, times of planning Time windows for opportunities and the “kairos” in urban planni

    [deu] Zeiten der Stadt, Zeiten der Politik, Zeiten der Planung Zeitfenster und „Kairos“ im Städteb

    by Thomas Sieverts

  22. Cultural heritage and planning

    [deu] Das kulturelle Erbe und die Planung

    by Ursula von Petz

  23. Factory Outlet Centres in the central-place system. A fundamental incompatibility? The example of Soltau

    [deu] Factory-Outlet-Center im zentralörtlichen System Eine grundsätzliche Unvereinbarkeit? Das Beispiel Soltau

    by Peter Max Möller

  24. The fertile reduction

    [ita] La riduzione fertile

    by B. Secchi

  25. The success of processes of public participation and dialogue. Results of a survey

    [deu] Beteiligungs- und Dialogprozesse setzen sich durch. Ergebnisse einer Befragung

    by Ruth Hammerbacher

  26. Regional arenas of decision Inter-municipal cooperation and the role of regional parliaments

    [deu] Regionale Entscheidungsarenen. Interkommunale Zusammenarbeit und die Rolle von Regionalparlamenten

    by Wolfgang Jung